Sauna hygiene in times of Corona

No one will deny that sauna has a positive effect on physical and mental health. But what about when viruses like the new Coronavirus complicate our lives? Is it still advisable to go to the sauna? We think the answer is self-evident: Yes! Finally, it is especially important now to strengthen the immune system.
Sauna & Wellness in combination with Corona?

Sauna & Wellness in combination with Corona?

Please note: Currently, many sauna operators would like to address the health issues associated with the use of the in-house sauna in a non-public area. Of course, here we must not disregard the generally applicable hygiene regulations, which are briefly reproduced below:

  • Do not invite people who are not part of your nuclear family.
  • Clean all surfaces with disinfectants after using the sauna rooms.
  • Observe regular and especially thorough hand hygiene.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into the crook of your arm.
  • What is the course of infection with coronavirus?

As with influenza viruses, coronaviruses initially replicate in the throat and neck. In a corona infection, the lower respiratory tract is primarily infected. The pathogen initially multiplies rapidly and then triggers an immune response that, in some cases, affects lung tissue and, in the worst cases, causes inflammation of the lungs.

Do Sars-CoV-2 viruses die off in the sauna room?

First, it is wrong that the coronavirus cannot survive outdoor temperatures above 27 °C (80,6 °F)! In this case, it could not survive in the human body (about 36 °C) and therefore we would not have a problem. However, it is a fact that at a temperature of 55 to 70 °C (131 to 158 °F humid heat) viruses (in general) denature their viral shells within a few minutes and thus lose their infectivity.

Effective control of Sars-CoV-2 viruses in their own bodies

Viruses cannot stand the hot air in the sauna. Especially when the temperatures are set at 80-90 °C (176-194 °F). Breathing this heated air can also have a supportive effect against the pathogen. Regular sauna visits strengthen the body’s immune system, which means that the body is generally better protected against viruses and other possible diseases. This also means that there is little need to use hygiene rules (such as disinfection) inside a hot sauna. Only sneezing and coughing should be avoided, as well as physical contact.

To counteract COVID-19 infection, you can take a sauna, but also inhale salt or dry salt. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, salt in the air you breathe activates and promotes the self-cleaning function of the internal respiratory organs and is also anti-inflammatory. In addition to removing pathogens, allergens (such as pollen and dust), and viruses throughout the respiratory tract, this also cleanses the lungs, thereby stimulating circulation.

Hygiene to contain corona in hot sauna rooms

In addition to the general ways to control coronaviruses described initially, other measures can be taken within the sauna area. While disinfection and cleaning of all items and handles is done by staff, you as a guest can also help. In the sauna room itself, you should take care of yourself and ensure that you avoid physical contact, do not sneeze or cough, and maintain at least 1.5 meters distance from seat neighbors.

Many strangers usually visit a public sauna. If the opportunity arises, go to private saunas of friends or family. A steam bath is similarly safe as a hot and dry sauna cabin, provided the temperature is not below 60 °C (140 °F). If a sauna room is colder than specified, follow additional precautions.

Sars-CoV-2 Containment in Cool Rooms

You should be especially careful in cool rooms (such as locker rooms, showers, or restrooms). Here, the temperature is not high enough to render viruses harmless. Avoid touching door handles directly, and also keep a sufficient distance from other people. Disinfect your hands regularly, especially if you touch something that is touched by many people. At the sink, for example, this would be the water tap. If there is no disinfecting liquid left near it, inform the staff. You can also be in the water basin as long as the distance rules are followed. The water is constantly filtered and usually cleaned with chlorine, so viruses (or bacteria) hardly stand a chance.


Basically, it is beneficial for your health to take a sauna, even during the Corona pandemic. The immune system is strengthened and viruses are even killed to a certain extent in the lungs and respiratory tract. In hot saunas, infection is extremely unlikely because the coronaviruses die off. Outside the sauna room, you should adhere to the usual hygiene regulations and, moreover, treat yourself and your fellow human beings with care. In this way, healthy saunas will continue to succeed.


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