Soapstone - an ideal stone for the sauna

What are sauna soapstone steam stones?

Soapstones are ideal for the sauna. The very old natural material, as a soft type of stone, consists mainly of chlorite and talc. Soapstone has very specific material properties, which makes it seem so suitable for the sauna. In addition to excellent heat storage capacity, these steam stones are also extra resistant to high temperatures.

How to do it right - sauna infusion in 7 steps

Infusion guide for sauna

Due to the high temperatures, your body eliminates impurities and harmful substances by sweating in the sauna. The heat relaxes the muscles and dilates the vessels, which in turn stimulates the circulation. The interaction of heat and cold also strengthens your immune system. To properly celebrate a sauna infusion is not so difficult. You can also use our instructions for your own home sauna.