What are sauna soapstone steam stones?

Soapstones are ideal for the sauna. The very old natural material, as a soft type of stone, consists mainly of chlorite and talc. Soapstone has very specific material properties, which makes it seem so suitable for the sauna. In addition to excellent heat storage capacity, these steam stones are also extra resistant to high temperatures.
Soapstone - an ideal stone for the sauna

Soapstone – an ideal stone for the sauna

Soapstone was formed about 2 billion years ago from soft and hard minerals, which in the course of this long period of time entered into a synthesis. Talc particles were magnetized in the course of the formation time, so that a solid stone mass could be formed. The quality of a stay in the sauna depends not least on the right choice of stone. Soapstone has a high density and thus a high heat storage capacity.

Natural soapstone comes from rocky quarries in parts of Russia and Finland

The seamlessness of the fine stone structure ensures that no water can penetrate the fine crevices. In addition, sauna stones must of course be completely harmless to health, and this criterion is also met by soapstone. Talcochlorite, from which the soapstone is made, even has a heat radiation similar to that of humans.

Heat up to 1600 °C (2912 °F) is not a problem for soapstone at all. The soapstone used in most saunas today comes from quarrying rocks from the Urals or Finland. For the industry, the finely ground soapstone powder is also interesting for various purposes, for example, in the production of refractory materials or for insulation.

Excellent material properties for saunas

Sauna visitors also find the heat radiated by this type of stone so pleasant because it is so soft and gentle. Once the soapstone has stored heat, it is released only gradually, that is, delayed and only slowly. It is therefore only a poor conductor of heat, but it is this fact that makes it so interesting as a sauna stone.

Thermal conductivity, heat input and heat resistance are the 3 most interesting properties that a sauna stone would have to bring to be perfect, as is the case with soapstone. Soapstone stoves in the sauna room also provide a constant temperature and humidity level.

The perfect steam and infusion stone

In addition, the chemical resistance is exceptionally high. However, during use in the sauna cabin, care should be taken not to treat the surface of the stones with strong alkaline agents, otherwise the stones may be damaged. Due to the very textured surface and the production of soft steam, these steam stones are also perfect for use as infusion stones.

In addition, the use of this type of stone in the sauna cabin increases sound insulation. Perfectly matching wood, this type of stone also emphasizes the unique design of the interior of a sauna cabin. When possibly used as a base, soapstones are very pleasant to walk on barefoot and are also not slippery.


Suitable soapstone products for the sauna:

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Finlax Hukka-Soapstone Sauna Aroma Tray
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Sauna Joy, Finnish soapstone sauna massage stone
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