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From preparation to maintenance: how to ensure a clean sauna experience

Hygiene measures in the sauna: a comprehensive guide

Sauna is a place of relaxation and recreation for many people. The warm ambience, the scent of wood and essential oils, the feeling of sweat beads on the skin – all this contributes to the well-being. But besides all these wonderful aspects, there is one that is often overlooked, but is of crucial importance: sauna hygiene. But why is sauna hygiene so important?

Understanding Sauna Heaters

How to Choose the Right Sauna Heater for Your Backyard Sauna

Finding the right sauna heater for your backyard can be a daunting task. Feeling confused and uncertain about the multitude of choices available can make it difficult to determine which sauna heater is best for you. But this is what separates the casual hot tub enthusiast from the true sauna connoisseur. If you’re not equipped with knowledge about different types of heaters, their pros and cons, safety features, cost factors, etc., you may end up with something that doesn’t meet your needs or—worse—overheats your budget! The key lies in understanding how each type works and aligns with your specific requirements. And trust us when we say that a well-chosen sauna heater can transform your backyard into a personal wellness retreat.

The right fuel for the sauna heater

Ideal firewood for the sauna stove

Now it crackles again, this wood in the sauna stove. But not all wood is the same. Learn what kind of wood is best to operate the sauna heater. With the following tips, the choice of firewood for your sauna stove is guaranteed to be easier!

Soapstone - an ideal stone for the sauna

What are sauna soapstone steam stones?

Soapstones are ideal for the sauna. The very old natural material, as a soft type of stone, consists mainly of chlorite and talc. Soapstone has very specific material properties, which makes it seem so suitable for the sauna. In addition to excellent heat storage capacity, these steam stones are also extra resistant to high temperatures.

Sustainable saunas: Energy-efficient sauna heaters as an environmentally friendly alternative

Sauna in times of energy crisis

Sauna visits are considered relaxing and healthy, but in times of high energy costs and scarce resources, the question arises as to whether the operation of Finn, steam or bio saunas is still at all in keeping with the times.

What power does my sauna heater need?

How to choose the right heater power for your sauna

The heater is often called the “heart” of the sauna and plays an important role in heating the sauna. If the heating power is insufficient, the furnace must be operated for a longer period of time and at a higher power, which reduces the service life of the furnace. The heating capacity of the furnace may not be sufficient to reach the desired temperature. To determine the correct heat output, several factors must be considered. In this article you will find useful information and some rules to make the right decision.

How to make the dream of your own sauna come true

Your way to your own home sauna

The stressful everyday life leaves people rather little time to breathe. Therefore, it is important to relieve stress and recharge your batteries. Ideal for this is a visit to a sauna, which can have a positive effect on the organism and the soul. In addition, such a sweat bath strengthens the immune system and thus protects against flu-like infections, especially in the colder season.