Buying a sauna: What to consider to avoid a bad purchase?

More and more homeowners are putting their own sauna in the garden or setting up an indoor sauna. Sauna sessions strengthen our immune system and promote the cardiovascular system. But the special thing about a sauna is being able to relax in your own sauna after a stressful day.

Buy sauna – The best tips for buying a sauna

You can make your own sauna the way you want it. Here you can relax much faster and better than in a public sauna or spa. You can also use a garden or indoor sauna at any time. You do not have to adhere to any opening hours and you save on travel costs as well as a lot of time. In the following text, five points are described in more detail for each of the garden and indoor sauna, what you need to pay attention to when buying. With the knowledge you will be able to avoid a wrong purchase guaranteed.

What should you look for in a garden sauna?

Size and purpose of a sauna in the garden

You should think about how you want to use the sauna. The intended use plays a very important role when planning the size. Sauna barrels are suitable for a small garden. They can accommodate a maximum of four people and fit into small corners. Sauna barrels/barrel saunas are suitable for gardens of medium size. If you have a large garden with a lot of space, you should choose a sauna house that you can customize to your liking. When considering the size of a sauna, you should also take into account the number of people. For families with children, larger garden saunas are more suitable. You can also equip a sauna house with a small changing room, where clothes or accessories can be placed.

How crucial is the wall thickness of a garden sauna?

After you have decided on a type of sauna, you need to choose the appropriate wall thickness. Thermal insulation plays a hugely important role in the climate of the interior. With thicker walls, the heat radiation is felt more pleasantly and less heat escapes. The heat is absorbed by the thick wooden surfaces and the heat radiation is much softer. The heat radiation in indoor saunas with thin walls is hard. Therefore, a garden sauna with a thin wall thickness is also much hotter.

Proper maintenance and care of a garden sauna

It is essential to maintain a garden sauna, inside and out. Most garden saunas that you can buy are natural. It is important that you prime the sauna from the outside and paint it with a wood stain. This will protect the sauna from the elements, the sun’s rays and pests. A garden sauna should not be painted from the inside!

Which stove is the right one for the garden sauna?

The heart of a garden sauna is the sauna heater. Depending on the model and type, the sauna heater is located in the center or in a corner of the interior. Here, you can choose an electric or a wood-burning stove. If you choose an electric heater, the power connection must be installed by an electrician or other professional (insurance coverage). You should consider the size of the room when choosing the appropriate sauna heater. For a sauna house, you should choose a powerful heater. A small heater would take forever to heat the interior to the desired temperature. By having too large a heater in a small sauna, it will likely get too hot.

Permit for a garden sauna

Before building the garden sauna, you should clarify whether you need a permit. You will definitely need a permit for larger sauna houses. Check with your regional building department.

What should you consider for an indoor sauna?

The right size of an indoor sauna

When planning an indoor sauna, you also need to consider the size and intended use. It is important that you accurately measure the room or space in a bathroom. When it comes to indoor saunas, you can choose between an element sauna or a solid wood sauna. Element saunas are more independent, as they come in prefabricated construction and can be used in both small and large spaces. The purpose of use and the number of people are also very important for the indoor sauna. Here, you can choose a sauna for two people or a family sauna, which can accommodate at least four people. On the websites of the various manufacturers, you can look around and get an idea of the size of each type of indoor sauna.

Here’s what you need to know about properly ventilating an indoor sauna!

An indoor sauna is located in a house or a large apartment. You definitely need to pay attention to the ventilation of the indoor sauna when you buy it, because the room is closed. Moisture must leave so that mold does not form in the sauna or room. The simplest option is windows. However, you can also install a simple bath ventilation in the room.

Space requirements of an indoor sauna

You should also consider the size of the room when buying an indoor sauna. For the installation of the sauna indoors, you will need appropriate space to assemble everything in the best possible way. Will the sauna parts fit through the door and can you even carry the individual parts? Also consider the ceiling height, as most indoor sauna is placed on top of the sauna cabin. So plan for an extra ten centimeters for the ceiling height. This allows the construction to go smoothly and without any problems.

Wood or electric sauna heater?

You also need to decide on a suitable sauna heater for the indoor sauna. Here, you can also choose between an electric and wood heater. When connecting electricity for the sauna, make sure that an electrician does the installation (insurance coverage).

Is a permit required here as well?

For an apartment, you need written permission from the landlord. For your own home, you do not need a permit. However, always pay attention to the statics of the rooms and whether the floor in the room is stable enough for the indoor sauna.


Many people dream of having their own sauna in the house or in the garden. A sauna creates a special atmosphere and is a real eye-catcher. The special thing about having your own sauna is that you can customize the interior and adapt it to your needs. With this guide, you will get an overview of the sauna in the garden or indoor area. So you will make an informed buying decision and choose a sauna according to your needs! Whether you choose a garden or indoor sauna is up to you. Decide on the type of sauna you would like to have in your home or backyard!


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