Is it possible to clean sauna stones?

Sauna stones ensure that it is always nice and warm in the sauna. From time to time, however, sauna stones need a little care. We have put together a list of what you need to keep in mind.
Sauna stones do not last forever

Sauna stones do not last forever

Is it possible to clean sauna stones? You love your sauna stones? That’s right. After all, they make sure that it’s always nice and warm in the little hut. But they won’t last that long without care. They are exposed to great stress. After all, they lie on the hot stove and from time to time you certainly make an infusion. There are a few things you should pay attention to in order to ensure the optimal effect of the infusion agents and an even distribution of the heat. And at some point, you’ll have to do some cleaning yourself. But it’s quite simple.

How can I tell that I need to take action?

Your Olivin Diabas sauna stones will certainly always serve you well. They distribute the heat in the room, and during the infusion, they’re the ones that help fill the sauna with fragrance. But at some point, there comes a point when both don’t really work anymore. Now you’re in for a bit of work. But don’t panic, it’s all done in a few easy steps – and you’ll extend the life of the heater at the same time.

Shift regularly, please

The first and easiest step is to simply rearrange the stones. This way, you make sure that they are all evenly loaded. And you know it, you’ll also extend their life. So every few weeks, move the stones that are on the bottom to the top and vice versa. We recommend that you do this in as loose an arrangement as possible. The shape of the stones should be similar to an inverted pyramid. So the small ones to the bottom and the big ones to the top. In this way, you ensure that a chimney effect is created – and that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room by the air circulation. If you have the feeling that this is not the case, you need to do a little more work.

What to do when cleaning is no longer an option?

At some point, however, all the layering is no longer helpful. Especially if you make regular infusions. Because the agent always leaves a slight residue on the upper stones. And the more residues, the more the optimal effect of the infusion agent is impaired. Because it burns – and you can imagine what that smells like.

So get to the brush and clean the sauna stones. Especially if you have granite stones, you will achieve good results. Simply brush the residues away with a little water. If you also coat the stones, that should be enough. You will see: The heating time will be shortened. But you can’t repeat this all the time, after 2 years at the latest you should change the sauna stones.

Many sauna friends also use chemicals. We strongly advise against this. This stuff leaves residues on the stones. And these can be toxic. If you then put the stones back into operation, the toxins would evaporate in the room. That would be really unhealthy.

And what if even brushing doesn’t help anymore?

But even regular cleaning does not give the sauna stones eternal life. The manufacturers usually indicate the use with 2 years. This is only a guideline. After about a year, you should take a critical look at the stones every month.

If you notice cracks or other damage, the stones should be replaced. You can buy them on the Internet and in well-stocked specialty stores. They do not cost a lot of money. For the sake of your stove, you should really invest the money. Because you extend the life span of this important component enormously – and save money in such a way again.

When it comes to changing the sauna stones, you should always replace all the infusion stones. This ensures that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room. New stones shorten the heating time. The old ones, which are in between, could affect the air circulation.

Why should you change the sauna stones regularly?

By changing them, the:

  • Heating time of the sauna is enormously shortened
  • The life of the heating coils is prolonged
  • Expensive energy is saved
  • Optimal infusion effect is achieved

In private saunas, the stones should be replaced, depending on use, but at the latest after 2 years. Because the heat storage is much better with new stones. As a result, the infusions are perceived as much softer and more pleasant.

So you see, it’s just a few simple steps – and you’ll always have optimal heat development. Above all, care prolongs the life of your sauna heater. Small effort – big return.

The most proven infusion stones for the sauna heater

Even the best sauna heater cannot provide ideal sauna enjoyment without the right sauna stones. They are, so to speak, the heart of a good sauna climate. The sauna stones store the heat and release the heat before temperature peaks occur, thus creating an even and pleasant steam. Stones that fulfill these properties include: the stones from Harvia or the olivine diabase stones from Suleno.

Sauna stones made of natural stone

To set up your own sauna, it is important to have many accessories and equipment elements, which, above all, must be of good workmanship, careful selection and professional installation. Of course, this also applies to the sauna stones made of natural stone. Because only with the appropriate sauna stones, a sauna is optimally equipped.

A healthy sauna climate

When the high-quality sauna stones are properly applied to the sauna heater, the heat generated by the sauna heater can be stored for a longer period of time and released into the surrounding air at a constant temperature. This, in turn, guarantees a healthy sauna climate in which one can relax optimally and which can also be supportive in the case of some health problems.

1. Harvia sauna stones

For an aroma infusion, you need infusion stones, because only on the glowing sauna stones the infusion liquid can evaporate as desired and unfold its beneficial effect. Harvia sauna stones are particularly well suited for these needs. They are particularly suitable for sauna heaters that are designed as wall-mounted units and therefore require sauna stones with a diameter between 5 and 10 cm. This is especially true for heaters such as Symphony or Forte, but Harvia sauna stones can also be used for sauna heaters from other manufacturers, as they also fit well with other sauna heaters.

Angebot Harvia Saunasteine 20 kg

2. SULENO original Finnish sauna stones

The Finnish olivine diabase stones are especially suitable for high requirements. They have excellent heat storage capacity, high thermal conductivity and are free of harmful substances. Thanks to their composition, olivine diabase bricks are extremely insensitive to strong temperature fluctuations, which reduces the breakage rate and increases durability. In order to achieve a good air flow, the sauna stones are placed loosely and loosely in the heater.

Suleno - Hochwertige Olivin-Diabas Saunasteine aus Finnland,...

The optimal sauna enjoyment

The sauna stones should be cleaned of residues of various sauna fragrances at regular intervals with a moistened cloth (caution: do not soak in water). Optimal sauna enjoyment is only complete if high-quality sauna stones are also filled into the sauna heater. A long life and a perfect sauna experience is guaranteed with these olivine diabase stones.


David Brunner