Ideal firewood for the sauna stove

Now it crackles again, this wood in the sauna stove. But not all wood is the same. Learn what kind of wood is best to operate the sauna heater. With the following tips, the choice of firewood for your sauna stove is guaranteed to be easier!
The right fuel for the sauna heater

The right fuel for the sauna stove

A sauna heater with wood offers several advantages. First, the operating costs are lower because electricity is saved. Wood sauna heaters usually have a higher capacity, so the temperature in the sauna cabin can be kept at a constant level for a longer time with the sauna stones. The appearance of a sauna heater with wood, a real eye-catcher, of course, also provides a particularly pleasant, homey atmosphere due to the crackling of wood.

In addition, the heating time is usually even shorter compared to electrically operated sauna heaters, and some sauna visitors also love the typical, earthy smell of wood. Those who operate a sauna heater with wood must observe a few guidelines for commissioning. Acceptance by a chimney sweep after installation is mandatory, as is a CE mark and compliance with DIN standard EN15821-2010.

The ideal firewood for the sauna is dry and natural

The right and optimal firewood is a very decisive criterion for the operation of a sauna heater with wood. Any wood used should first be completely untreated, that is, completely natural. In addition, the firewood for the sauna should be dry to very dry, because this is particularly suitable for optimally heating the sauna cabin in the shortest possible time. Which firewood is used is first secondary and also a question of personal taste. There are types of wood, which burn rather low smoke, but also those that produce a lot of smoke.

Wood from two-year drying is well suited as fuel for sauna stoves

If the wood still has residual moisture, the calorific value and thus the heat yield for the sauna cabin deteriorates considerably. Sauna experts therefore recommend a storage period of at least 2 years under optimal conditions before such wood is used as fuel for a sauna cabin. Small logs should always be used to start the fire so that the heating process is quick.

Only when the fire is burning properly should larger logs be added. Experience has shown that conifers heat up a sauna cabin the fastest, but it should also be noted that this type of wood only forms a few embers.

Coal or briquettes cannot be used as fuel for a sauna heater

Furthermore, coniferous woods have a comparatively high proportion of tree resin, which can be a considerable problem for the chimney flue in the long run. The first choice of firewood for the sauna is therefore dry beech or oak. Well-seasoned and dry birchwood is also very suitable. Of course, there are some materials that are completely unsuitable as fuel for the sauna stove.

This is not possible at all!

Grass or leaves should never be burned in a sauna stove. Also, all materials that have a high calorific value are by no means a substitute for firewood for the sauna and are therefore taboo. This includes, for example, pellets, any kind of plastic, chipboard, briquettes, or even coal.

Buying tip: kindling wood for the sauna stove

Firewood, natural, untreated and free of harmful substances

The wood for the sauna stove decides significantly about your experience in the sauna. It has an influence on the temperature, the climate, and the heating time of the sauna. You will receive the firewood from “Holzhof Landree” in a carrying net with approx. 3KG. Solidly packed and through the net, the wood can be stored in good portions. It burns excellently, has the perfect size and log thickness. The small and easily ignitable pieces of wood are dry and ready for immediate use. They burn very quickly and so you can enjoy the fireplace even more. Of course, our wood is untreated and free of harmful substances. It is perfect for lighting the sauna stove, fireplace, grill, or smoker.

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