Elegance in glass and wood: the art of modern sauna design

The development of sauna architecture has taken an innovative turn: Saunas with glass fronts are not only architecturally appealing, but also fundamentally change the sauna experience. This design revolution offers a unique mix of transparency, a sense of space and closeness to nature.
Spatial illusion and closeness to nature
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The illusion of space and closeness to nature

The integration of glass in saunas visually expands the room and creates a connection to the surrounding nature. This open view gives small saunas an impressive expanse and also makes the adjoining room appear larger. The result is an atmosphere that radiates both tranquillity and a luxurious aesthetic.

Effects of glass on temperature and humidity

While wood has the property of absorbing moisture and emitting uniform heat, glass behaves differently. Glass fronts can affect the humidity and temperature in the sauna by absorbing heat quickly and releasing it unevenly. This can lead to a build-up of condensation on the glass surfaces.

The right balance between wood and glass

To achieve the ideal sauna climate, a balanced ratio of wood and glass is crucial. It is recommended that the ratio of wood to glass is around two thirds to one third. This helps to make optimum use of the advantages of both materials and ensure a pleasant sauna climate.

Choosing the right glass

The use of toughened safety glass (ESG), which should have a thickness of at least 8 mm, ideally 10 mm, is crucial for the glass fronts. This glass is not only more resistant to temperature changes, but also offers increased break resistance, which ensures safety and durability.

Design variety for doors and walls

There are various options to choose from when planning the glass front: All-glass walls, frameless constructions or classic glass doors. Each option offers different aesthetic and functional advantages and can be individually adapted to the design of the house and the needs of the user.

The perfect sauna heater

For saunas with glass fronts, a freestanding heater is often recommended, which is not only visually appealing but also enables efficient heat distribution. The installation of empty conduits for the power connections under the screed is an important consideration to ensure a seamless and visually appealing installation.

A symbiosis of form and function

The modern glass-fronted sauna combines innovative technology with traditional sauna culture. It is not only an extension of the living space, but also a place of relaxation and enjoyment. With careful planning and design, these saunas can become a central part of the modern living space, harmoniously combining aesthetics and well-being.

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