How to dispose of old sauna stones?

Sauna stones should be replaced from time to time, as they become brittle and porous with age. But where to put the used sauna stones when they have been replaced with new ones?
The need and wear of the sauna stones

The necessity and wear of the sauna stones

In the sauna heater, heating rods generate the soothing heat. Sauna stones, in turn, transfer it to the cabin. In addition, they distribute the heat. However, this process has a strong impact on the stones. That’s why sauna operators replace them regularly. Sauna infusions are pleasant for visitors, but the life of the stones is reduced by the infusions.

After a cold infusion, the temperature of the stones drops many times within a short period of time. As a result, the minerals that are on the surface of the stone contract. Cracks form thanks to this process. However, fractures or splinters, which also occur, increase the risk of injury to the sauna visitors or the sauna owner.

Deposits due to infusion concentrates

To make matters worse, infusion concentrates, which are characterized by inferior quality, never evaporate completely on the stones. Instead, residues of the infusion are deposited on the sauna stone. Both the appearance and the quality decrease as a result. The service life of the stone decreases many times over. For this reason, sauna operators regularly check the condition of their heat distributors. They always strive to get the best out of them in order to ensure optimal heat distribution inside the sauna cabin for visitors or themselves.

Furthermore, the stones not only distribute the heat in the cabin, but also regulate the temperature and humidity. This, in turn, ensures optimal moisture balance of the skin during the sauna.

Granite stone for the sauna heater

As a rule, sauna operators use granite stone. This is characterized by elastic mineral components and minimal expansion behavior. This reduces the probability of breakage. However, stones without sharp edges are used in the same way. Quartz is by no means suitable as a sauna stone because of its fragments, which are sharp-edged.

When is it necessary to change the sauna stones?

Sauna stones do not last forever because of the work they do. There exist good indications that signal a change to their observer. Not only a change in color or shape indicates the need for replacement, but also the duration of heating. If it takes longer for the cabin to get hot than in previous weeks, a stone change is due. Small splinters located under the sauna heater also act as a sure change indicator. Changes in color indicate the age of the stones.

Correct disposal of sauna stones

Sauna stones should not end up in the household waste, firstly because of their weight, and secondly because of their nature. These are valuable and beautiful natural stones. Sauna operators who have a garden or a balcony use the stones as decoration. Those who do not have this possibility, look for a suitable place in the wild to deposit the stones there.

Sauna stones as decoration

However, there are no regulations regarding the disposal of the unusable sauna stones. Sauna owners give free rein to their imagination when it comes to recycling. After all, the stones are rock, which is made of a safe material. Therefore, they can also be misused for decorative purposes inside the house.

In flower pots, sauna stones look especially good on the edge. In the garden, in turn, they harmonize as a border of a flower bed with roses and tulips. However, the stones also act as a filler or elevation of the rose bed. The Christmas tree also enjoys better support thanks to the stones.

Furthermore, the stones act as a colorful decorative object. Children are happy when they are allowed to paint them colorfully. On the one hand, they give free rein to their creativity in this way, and on the other, sauna owners have disposed of them in a meaningful way.

Use only high-quality sauna stones

Since the sauna heater is the heart of the heat cabin, it deserves a lot of attention and care. Therefore, sauna owners always choose high-quality stones. Neglecting to change the stones causes negative consequences, which are equally financial. The heater suffers the most from defective and worn stones. For this reason, stone replacement is cheaper than a new heater.

For the above reasons, regular inspection of the stones should become a routine task to save the heater from senseless destruction.

Cleaning stones and heater together

In order not to neglect the task of checking the stones, sauna operators clean the stove and the stones at the same time. The sauna requires one thorough cleaning per year. However, this depends on the frequency of use and the period of use. Of course, this does not apply to facilities in gyms or in spas. It plays a minor role in the thorough annual cleaning of private sauna cabins, whether they are located outdoors or indoors. They require good cleaning. Those who use their sauna several times a week should clean it properly every three months.

The upper sauna stones often give the impression that the lower stones look just as good, although this is not the case. After all, these endure more intense heat. For the cleaning ritual, sauna operators gently remove the stones from the heater. They use gloves to protect their hands from splinters. Then they clean them in clear water to rinse off the dust. Those who use dishwashing liquid, then remove it with a clean brush before returning them to the heater. However, they let the stones dry completely before using them again.

The best sauna stones for the sauna heater

Even the best sauna heater cannot provide ideal sauna enjoyment without the right sauna stones. They are, so to speak, the heart of a good sauna climate. The sauna stones store the heat and release the heat before temperature peaks occur, thus creating an even and pleasant steam. Stones that meet these characteristics include: the stones from Harvia or the olivine diabase stones from Suleno.

1. Harvia sauna stones

For the installation of a sauna and your own personal wellness oasis, many accessories are important, which above all must be of good quality, carefully selected and professionally installed. Of course, this also applies to the natural stone sauna stones – because only with the right sauna stones is a sauna perfectly equipped.

Finally, only when high-quality sauna stones are properly layered on the sauna heater can the heat generated by the heater be stored for a longer period of time and released into the surrounding air at a constant temperature. This, in turn, guarantees a healthy indoor climate in which you can relax optimally and which can also have a supportive effect on some health conditions. In addition, you need the sauna stones for an aromatic infusion, because only on the hot stones the infusion liquid can evaporate as desired and develop its beneficial effect.

Harvia sauna stones are particularly suitable for these requirements. They are especially suitable for sauna heaters that are designed as wall-mounted models and therefore require stones with a diameter of 5 to 10 cm. This applies mainly to sauna heaters such as Symphony or Forte, but Harvia sauna stones are also excellent for other brands, as their good properties allow them to score well with other sauna heaters as well.

Angebot Harvia Saunasteine 20 kg

2. SULENO original Finnish sauna stones

Finnish olivine diabase stones are particularly suitable for demanding applications. They have excellent heat storage capacity, high thermal conductivity and are free from harmful substances. Due to their components, olivine diabase bricks are extremely resistant to strong temperature fluctuations, which reduces the breakage rate and increases the service life. In order to achieve good air circulation, the sauna stones must be placed loosely and loosely in the oven.

To remove residues of various sauna fragrances, the sauna stones should be wiped regularly with a damp cloth (note: do not soak in water). In this way, possibly clogged pores will be unclogged and an optimal infusion with a sauna fragrance of your choice will be delivered unadulterated.

A perfect sauna session is only perfect if high-quality sauna stones are also filled into the sauna heater. For long durability and a perfect sauna session, these olivine diabase stones provide.

Suleno - Hochwertige Olivin-Diabas Saunasteine aus Finnland,...


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