Why you should combine a workout with a sauna session

Regular sport is part of life for many people and is not only healthy, but also a good balance to the stress of everyday life.
After training in the sauna

After a workout in the sauna

Especially when you sit in the office all day, it is particularly important to balance out the long sitting posture with a healthy amount of exercise. Many fitness studios now offer the opportunity to combine a workout with a visit to the sauna, as they have an in-house sauna cabin. But why is a visit to the sauna after a workout really worthwhile?

The benefits of a sauna after a workout

After a sweaty weight training session, quite a few athletes opt for a sauna session immediately afterward. This is because it offers the opportunity to provide the muscles with optimal relaxation. In addition, the heat promotes the regeneration of the muscles and contributes to the physical recovery from the effort. In general, the faster our muscles can regenerate after strength training, the faster our performance can be restored.

Even though not all athletes have the same goal, athletes who regularly train at a high level and repeatedly reach plateaus – i.e. do not make any progress – must pay particular attention to optimally coordinating the interplay of training and regeneration. This also applies to visits to the sauna. Because only a fully regenerated muscle system offers maximum performance – both in everyday life and in the next training session.

Effect of the sauna on the muscular system

The heat that the body experiences during a sauna session has many benefits on the organism – and therefore also on the muscles. It makes the muscle fibers open and thus regenerate faster, which restores the maximum performance in a shorter time. Furthermore, a visit to the sauna promotes blood circulation. As a result, our muscles are better supplied with blood, minerals and nutrients, which in turn optimally support muscle development.

Preventing sore muscles

Last but not least, sweating also stimulates the metabolism. The body flushes out more toxins and waste products, which reduces muscle tension and injuries or prevents them from occurring in the first place. However, it is important to compensate for the loss of minerals in the body as quickly as possible. A visit to the sauna after a workout is a good way to prevent possible muscle soreness and possibly even to be more efficient the next day. In most cases, you will notice significant improvements after a short time.

A sauna after a workout is always worthwhile

Of course, a visit to the sauna is a relaxing treat that is not only good after a strenuous workout. However, if you do strength training before going to the sauna, you benefit from many aspects. The warmth of the sauna and the associated hyperthermia in the organism increases blood flow to ligaments, cartilage and tendons and restores muscle resilience more quickly. So it is always worthwhile to plan a little more time the next time you do your training in the gym – the muscles, the skin and of course our well-being will benefit in any case.


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