Who regularly goes to the sauna, comes easier through the cold winter days

Regular visits to the sauna cabin not only cleanse your body, but also strengthen your immune system, making you less susceptible to colds. Other positive effects include: Muscles relax, and the body releases more happy hormones.
Those who sauna regularly get through the winter better

Those who sauna regularly get through the winter better

According to Prof. Dr. med. Eberhard Conradi, chairman of the German Sauna Association, “sauna bathing stabilizes the cell layer on the inner wall of the blood vessels.” This has a preventive effect against arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Since regular sauna-goers also benefit from a defense-strengthened immune system, colds, sore throats and colds have little chance of spreading.

Even if you already have a disease

Even if you’ve already been diagnosed with an illness, a sauna visit can support healing or alleviate symptoms. In the case of neurodermatitis or psoriasis, for example, a visit to the sauna increases blood circulation to the skin and promotes skin metabolism. Breathing becomes easier after the treatment of diseases such as chronic bronchitis.

Taking a sauna can aid the recovery of injured muscles and tendons. People suffering from high blood pressure (level 1 and 2) can also benefit from this treatment: The dilation of blood vessels caused by sauna improves blood circulation.

Winter is pure stress for the skin

In winter, the skin is under a lot of stress. As a result, it produces more sebum. Over time, bacteria and dirt particles accumulate. The heat of the sauna reliably removes these unwanted particles. The internal and pore-deep cleansing results in rosier, more youthful skin. Regular sauna sessions also help to delay the drying process of the skin. Sauna baths work from the inside out and regulate the oil content of the skin surface. Body lotions and oils do not have this property. They cannot penetrate far enough into the skin to have this effect.

Salty air and mild temperatures in the salt sauna

The combination of salty room air and moderate air temperatures makes the salt sauna the ultimate wellness innovation for the skin. You can thoroughly relax and breathe in the salty air at your leisure. Not only does the skin become wonderfully supple, but the mucous membranes and respiratory tract also benefit immediately from the therapeutic effect.

Especially for people suffering from respiratory or skin diseases, the salt sauna is a good choice. The salty air in the salt sauna is said to be comparable to a stay in a salt cave or a beach vacation, and it is said to cleanse the nose and soothe the skin, similar to a beach vacation.

The influence of light on our well-being

Sauna visits are also good for the soul. Many people become depressed during the dark season. The reason for this is the lack of light. Thus, the body produces fewer happiness messengers compared to the summer. Light is vital for humans and offers numerous benefits. The cells in our body benefit from it, and our performance increases as a result, as does the body’s own hormone production.

Exposure to sunlight is particularly crucial and essential for the formation of vitamin D in our bodies. For this reason, light is increasingly being used in sauna cabins to enhance general well-being. There’s little doubt that light has a lasting effect on our mood, whether it’s LEDs with a color-changing mode or relaxing lighting in a calm tone.


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