Stress reduction through sauna fragrances

Fragrances evoke strong emotions and have a direct effect on our body. Sauna scents change our moods and can be very calming.
Ten sauna fragrances to reduce stress

Reduce stress and recharge your batteries with sauna fragrances

Reduce stress with sauna fragrances. We rush through our daily lives and want to do our best, even after work, for family or friends. But this wears us out over time. Many people therefore long for some time off. At this point, a visit to the sauna helps enormously. You have a few hours just for yourself, the pleasant warmth relaxes you and the beautiful surroundings invite you to dream journeys. But is there more to stress reduction? Yes, it is possible, thanks to sauna fragrances. We explain in the following article what they can do for you.

From the nose directly into the brain

For thousands of years, mankind has sworn by the healing power of scents. People in the Middle Ages probably couldn’t yet explain what was so great about incense and other essences. Today’s science already does: the scents inevitably hit your nose and you perceive the fragrance. This succeeds because it hits the brain directly. Here it triggers more than just positive perception. The scent is able to change your mood. In turn, the operators of saunas have recognized this and use the sauna fragrances specifically.

Popular sauna fragrances for stress relief

There are a variety of scents that can be used in the sauna to relieve stress. One of the most popular is eucalyptus. The refreshing scent of eucalyptus works on the respiratory system and promotes relaxation. Lavender is another popular scent known for its calming properties. The scent of lavender oil can calm the nerves and induce a deep state of relaxation. Citrus scents like orange and grapefruit are refreshing and invigorating and can help clear the mind and relieve stress.

How to use sauna fragrances

Using sauna fragrances is relatively simple. In most saunas, either water with a few drops of essential oil is poured onto the hot sauna stones, or special fragrance dispensers are used to fill the room with the desired scent. It is crucial that high-quality essential oils are used to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety.

Stress relief and additional benefits

Using sauna fragrances for stress relief not only has positive effects on mental well-being, but can also provide physical benefits. The heat of the sauna combined with the scents can promote circulation, relieve muscle tension and improve skin care. In addition, certain scents can also have a positive effect on the immune system.

Studies have shown that using sauna scents to relieve stress can actually be effective. For example, a 2018 study found that the scent of lavender in the sauna lowered heart rate and had a relaxing effect on subjects. Another 2020 study examined the effects of eucalyptus scent in the sauna and found that it dilates the airways and causes better relaxation.

In addition to stress relief, regular use of sauna fragrances may also have long-term mental health benefits. Aromatherapy is often considered a form of natural treatment for anxiety and depression. The relaxation that comes from using sauna fragrances in the sauna can help improve mood, reduce anxiety, and improve overall state of mind.

However, it is important to know that sauna fragrances do not work the same for everyone. Everyone has individual preferences and is sensitive to certain scents. It is advisable to try different scents and pay attention to the reaction of your own body to find the scents that are best for stress relief.

Ten sauna fragrances to reduce stress

Frankincense: This classic scent lifts your mood and helps you focus.

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Orange: Like many citrus scents, this one brightens your mood while promoting relaxation.

Chamomile: The flower has been used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years, this is also due to its fragrance. The calms and relieves anxiety and inner turmoil.

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Ylang Ylang: The scent of the Asian plant manages to soothe negative emotions. It also helps to combat anxiety.

Patchouli: Patchouli also comes from Asia and has a relaxing effect. At the same time, it calms the mind and manages to relieve excitement.

Bergamot: Here we are dealing with one of the favorite fragrances of the perfume industry, which is also used in the sauna. It refreshes the spirit and removes the stress of the past days.

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Lime: Smells fresh and was already used in the Middle Ages to clear the respiratory tract. In addition, the scent brightens your mood.

Tangerine: The scent of the small orange fruit immediately makes you feel a little happier. This also helps to eliminate stress.

Lavender: The classic when it comes to relaxing scents. It helps to bring body and soul in harmony with each other.

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Geranium: Still rather an outsider among sauna fragrances, but it gets along excellently with bergamot and lavender. It helps to release nervous tension.


Sauna fragrances can be an effective way to relieve stress and recharge your batteries. Aromatherapy, which has been practiced for thousands of years, uses the healing power of scents to stimulate the brain and induce positive mood changes. Eucalyptus, lavender and citrus scents are among the most popular sauna fragrances for stress relief. Using high quality essential oils in the sauna allows for optimal effects. In addition to stress relief, sauna fragrances also provide other benefits such as improved circulation, muscle relaxation and skin care.

Studies prove the effectiveness of sauna fragrances for stress relief and their positive effect on mental health. However, you should consider individual preferences and sensitivities to certain scents. By experimenting with different scents, everyone can find the scents that work best for stress relief. Enjoy a relaxing sauna session with scented essences and leave the stress of everyday life behind.


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