The right rest after the sauna bath

A visit to the sauna regenerates our body and gives it new strength - but only if you also make sure to cool down your body properly after the sauna session. Cold water and fresh air are essential for the relaxation effect after the sauna.
Proper relaxation after sauna bathing

Why is the cold shock after the sauna important?

The popular “sauna effect” cannot be achieved if you don’t get the necessary cold shock afterwards, but instead take a warm shower directly after the sauna. Nevertheless, be careful: jumping into ice-cold water immediately after leaving the sauna cabin is risky!

Quite a few people spend a lot of time in the sauna cabin, but then forget to cool down afterwards or only take a few minutes to relax. However, this is not recommended, because as a rule of thumb, the cool-down phase should always last at least as long as you were in the sauna.

Only the change from hot to cold brings the popular sauna effect

The most important thing here, however, is to make sure that the body does not cool down. This can be prevented by taking a breath of fresh air for two or three minutes after the sauna session to cool the respiratory tract. Consciously breathing in and out lowers the body temperature back to a normal level and prevents catching a cold. Before going into the plunge pool, you should always take a shower – this is important for hygiene reasons alone. This is followed by some relaxation on a sauna lounger in the relaxation room. Wrapped in a cozy sauna robe and with soothing music in the background, you can enjoy all-round relaxation.

How important is cold water for cooling down after a sauna bath?

An application of cold water directly after a visit to the sauna specifically extracts heat from the body by cooling the skin. At the same time, it is offered a cold stimulus. This stimulus leads to a significant increase in blood pressure, which is enormously important and strengthening for our circulation. However, there are different ways to expose your body to cold water – here, everyone has to decide for themselves which variant is the right one.

Kneipp hose: The right application after the sauna bath

An optimal solution after the sauna bath is here, for example, the classic cold shower. In this variant, the water hits the skin through a shower head or shower hose, also known as a Kneipp hose. Care should be taken that the water pressure is not too high – the water should not splash, but flow over the skin like a film and gently flow around it. It is also crucial with the cold shower that the cold water always runs towards the heart. It is best to start at the feet and then work your way up step by step. Starting from the hands, the lower and upper arms are cooled down to the shoulders. Only then do the torso and all other areas of the body follow.

The exact temperature is not specified here – everyone should choose the temperature that is most comfortable for them. Of course, it does not have to be ice water, but a certain cold stimulus is very important to get the blood circulation going. The shower can then quietly take several minutes to achieve an optimal effect.

Resting after a heat bath

It is not only important to cool down after a sauna bath, but also to rest. Give your body enough time to recover after the sauna and put your legs up. This will bring your entire cardiovascular system into a balanced and relaxed state.


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