Instruction: Proper meditation in the sauna

Meditating in the sauna sounds unusual at first. But on closer inspection you will notice the connections and positive effects, what exactly mediation is, how you can learn it and what are the benefits of meditating in the sauna, you will read in the following part.
How to meditate in the sauna

How to meditate in the sauna

What is meditation?

Meditation translated from Latin means something like “to find the center”. The word describes the procedure very nicely, because by meditating you find your inner peace. Meditation is independent of religion and yet has much in common with the world religions. In Christianity and Islam, believers find themselves in prayer and look into their innermost being. Other religions and spiritual practices also have parallels to meditation.

Coming to peace

Meditating is about giving yourself time and quiet. You become one with your inner spirit. Worry, stress, and to-do lists are far away at this moment. The goal of it all is to become more mindful. Scientific studies show that mediation can lower your pulse and blood pressure. With regular meditation, stress is reduced, which has a positive effect on health.

Why sauna can help us meditate

Meditation and sauna sessions are a good example of mindfulness. When you take the time to meditate or sauna, you are doing something for your (mental) health. In the sauna, you switch off from the stressful everyday life and give yourself completely to the warmth on your skin. The soothing scents and the rising steam drive away the negative thoughts that often rob you of sleep.

The body can finally breathe a sigh of relief from the pent-up stress. You will also notice this in your muscles, which seem more relaxed. Together with meditation, taking a sauna is a good combination. Body and mind are brought into harmony and recover from the last stresses in your life. Your good mood rises, your head is clear again and your skin feels wonderfully soft.

Preparation for the sauna

Before you can really get started, you should make some preparations. The first thing is to determine the time window: When is the best time to meditate in the sauna?

Create a fixed date in your calendar to really pursue your goal. Only then will you succeed in practicing mindfulness. Otherwise, urgent appointments that absolutely must be kept will be there all at once. Thus, one week passes after the next. To avoid this, fixed appointments with yourself are important! The children should be taken care of and the iron and the phone should be turned off. Notify your loved ones that you want to be undisturbed for some time. A “do not disturb” sign can be placed on the sauna door.

Plan 2-3 sauna sessions

You should plan for several sauna sessions, lasting between 8 and 15 minutes. So take at least two hours. In addition, the sauna should be thoroughly cleaned so that you can breathe easily. You won’t clear your head until the room is clearly structured and tidy. Distractions are not welcome when meditating.

Laying the foundations for meditation

For meditating to work well, you should create some basics. First, it’s about finding a suitable place. In the sauna, of course, this is the wooden bench where you take a seat. To make it more comfortable, you put a towel over it. Meditation usually takes place in a cross-legged position. This posture promotes blood circulation and you feel your whole body. Close your eyes if needed, loosen up and enjoy the time for yourself.

Suitable music in the background

To better find inner peace and push aside negative thoughts, suitable music can be helpful. This can be music that is labeled as relaxation music. Singing bowl, flute or piano music often have a calming effect. That’s why they are often played during yoga and massages. The music should have gentle melodies that take you on a journey. Fast bars and song lyrics are therefore not suitable.

How do I manage to switch off in the sauna?

As already mentioned, distractions of any kind are taboo. Therefore, if possible, you should go to the sauna alone if you want to meditate. The proximity of another person can, for many, be enough to start thinking about:

  • the next birthday,
  • tomorrow’s meeting,
  • dinner
  • etc.

to make. To find even more peace, the light should be dimmed a little. Many saunas already have a soft light built in. The infusion can also help with meditation. Sauna oils that stimulate the body and mind are best suited for this. Essential oils made from natural products such as:

  • Lavender,
  • Rosemary,
  • Oranges,
  • Cypress
  • etc.

take you on a journey. Lavender, for example, will take you to the fields of Provence, while rosemary or cypress will take you on a journey to the Italian forests. If this distracts you too much, you should do a classic infusion.

Pay attention to breathing

Try to ignore all sounds in the sauna, with one exception: the sound of your own breathing, which should be steady and rhythmic. If you already have experience with meditative application, you can use it well in the sauna. However, if you are a novice, you may need to practice several times. The good thing about sauna meditation for beginners is that it is even easier to apply in the sauna than outside, because the conditions in the sauna are more pleasant and relaxed.

How can I learn to meditate?

Meditating can be done by almost anyone who is willing to do it. You can practice it already during the day for several minutes. Close your eyes for about three minutes and see how many thoughts go through your mind. With time, it will become less and practicing for a few minutes every day is enough to meditate successfully in the sauna.


The combination of meditation and sauna offers a wonderful way to calm your body and mind and strengthen your own mindfulness. Relaxation and stress reduction in the sauna as well as conscious meditation not only promote physical health, but also clear the mind. It is a valuable time out from everyday life that allows for muscle relaxation and inner peace. With regular practice and preparation, this experience can be deepened and the positive effect on body and mind maximized.


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