What is mindfulness and what does it mean?

The art of mindfulness: how to use the sauna as a meditation room

Have you ever thought about using the sauna as a meditation room? The art of mindfulness is a wonderful way to calm the mind and promote relaxation. In this post we explain how you can use the sauna as a meditation room. Let’s explore the positive effects of mindfulness together and enjoy the benefits of using the sauna as a meditation space!

The right preparation: How to make the sauna an experience

Tips for optimal use of the home sauna

It’s nice to have your own sauna in your home. The own sauna makes it possible to enjoy relaxation and wellness at any time and without long journeys. But what is the best way to use a home sauna to get all the benefits?

Sauna goers have more charisma and charisma

Sauna improves your charisma

Sauna devotees cite numerous reasons why they visit the relaxation oasis. On the one hand, they cleverly escape the stress of everyday life, on the other hand, they strive to maintain their health. Sauna-goers further strengthen their internal organs and their largest sensory organ called skin at the same time. However, the majority of wellness fans forget to mention the other benefits of the sauna.