Combine sauna with relaxation music and meditation

Meditation is about the body and consciousness. This starts with a higher awareness of the body. Meditation is calming and based on our inner rhythm to help us relax. This can also be combined very well with a sauna session.
Sauna wellness for body and soul

Sauna wellness for body and soul

With every visit to the sauna, your general well-being is strengthened. In the sauna, you can switch off and leave the stressful everyday life behind you. In the process, your skin breathes again and gets better blood circulation due to the warmth. Your muscles relax and become looser. The additional use of pleasant sauna oils with fragrant essences such as lavender, rosemary, or orange have a calming effect and transport you to another world. Everyday life and its worries also fall away from you. Between taking a sauna and cooling down, you should take rest periods, which you can use optimally for relaxation or meditation.

Relaxation music as additional time out

Soothe your body and mind with gentle melodies. You can listen to soothing music while you sweat or during rest periods between sauna sessions. Piano music and pieces of music with flutes and harp are particularly soothing. The various tones of singing bowls are also effective. The bowls of different sizes have been used in Asia for thousands of years to relax body and soul. It is said that their tones have a healing effect. They are used for meditation yoga, and massages. Each bowl has a unique sound. Depending on the pitch, a certain part of the body is stimulated.

Soothing natural sounds for relaxation and meditation

In addition to singing bowl tones and soothing music, nature sounds are also suitable for pleasantly enhancing a sauna session. Nature sounds accompany a sauna visit in a very special and pleasant way. Thus, the sound of the sea, the pattering of raindrops and the murmur of small streams, but also birdsong are very popular. This makes a visit to the sauna a little vacation.

Meditation in the sauna

Mindful meditation is a very effective addition to bring body and soul into harmony. A meditation between each sauna session allows you to stay in the here and now. You pay close attention to your breathing, how your body feels, and the surrounding sounds. Regardless of whether you are resting or sweating, in the sauna you feel your warm body mindfully and relax.

More relaxation with high-quality sauna fragrances

Soothing fragrances promote general physical and mental well-being and also have a calming effect. Many saunas have dimmed lighting. This way, your eyes are not strained, and your facial muscles can relax. Alternating between meditation and sauna sessions is good for your health and heals your soul. By combining sauna and meditation, you will come into harmony with yourself in a wonderful way. Ideally, meditation should be practiced regularly. Often, everyday life does not allow this, and what could be more obvious than to use the respective sauna visit for meditation?

How do I meditate correctly?

The sauna at home also offers many opportunities for meditation. Often it is enough to watch your breathing for three to five minutes at a time with your eyes closed. For meditation, it is especially important that the sauna area is clean and tidy. Only in a clean and structured place can you find mindful rest. In the sauna, a soft towel that you place over the wooden bench for meditation is sufficient.

Pay attention to the right posture

You can meditate in the lotus position or in the usual cross-legged position. It is important that you sit upright to relax your back shoulders, and neck. In the beginning, meditation is not easy because your thoughts are constantly circling. Focus on your breathing and body awareness. When distracting thoughts carry you away, gently refocus your attention on your breathing.

Quiet background music can support your meditation. If you enjoy meditation, you can always incorporate small meditation breaks into your daily routine. Over time, you will feel more serenity and well-being in your daily life. You will get to know yourself and your body better.


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