Soothing sauna visits after giving birth: a guide for new mothers

The birth of a child is a turning point in a woman's life, characterized by joy, change and new challenges. While attention is often focused on the well-being of the newborn, the importance of maternal rest and self-care often remains in the background. In this context, the question arises of effective and accessible ways for new mothers to regenerate both physically and mentally. One of these options can be a visit to a sauna, a traditional means of promoting health and well-being.
Medical certificate for sauna visits after childbirth
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Medical certificate for sauna visits after childbirth

Before young mothers take the relaxing step of going to the sauna after giving birth, they should definitely obtain a doctor’s clearance. This important step ensures that the body is sufficiently healed after the birth and that sauna sessions do not pose any health risks. Doctors generally advise that sauna visits can be considered safe around three to four months after giving birth, which is important advice for all mothers who want to resume their sauna routine after pregnancy.

Adapted saunas after childbirth

After giving birth, it is important to adapt sauna sessions to the mother’s current state of health. This includes shorter sauna sessions (no more than 10 to 15 minutes per sauna session), milder sauna temperatures and avoiding extreme temperature fluctuations. To prevent dehydration and overheating after a sauna session, sufficient rest and adequate hydration are essential.

Mental well-being and sauna after the birth

In addition to the physical aspects, mental well-being is also an important factor when it comes to sauna visits after childbirth. Sauna sessions offer new mothers a wonderful opportunity to relax and switch off mentally. This is particularly helpful in reducing the stress of motherhood and finding a balance between new life as a mother and your own self-care.

A gentle return to the sauna after giving birth

After giving birth, a slow and deliberate return to the sauna is recommended. Young mothers should pay close attention to their body’s signals and adjust the frequency and intensity of their sauna visits accordingly. This not only contributes to a safe recovery, but also makes it possible to adapt the sauna to your individual needs and limits after pregnancy.

Isalie Graf