Sauna pleasure: Relaxation instead of pressure to perform

Are you looking for relaxation and well-being? Then let's talk about the true pleasure of a sauna. It's not about staying in the sauna as long and as hot as possible. Forget the idea of performance! What counts is mindful care of body and mind.
Choosing the right sauna: a feast for the senses
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Choosing the right sauna: a feast for the senses

In a diverse sauna landscape, you are spoiled for choice: Finnish sauna, meditation sauna, earth sauna, banya, bio sauna and many more. Each sauna offers a unique experience. The middle bench is ideal for beginners, as the heat rises upwards. The higher benches are hotter and the temperature varies from up to 100 degrees (212 °F) at the ceiling and up to 60 (140 °F) percent less at the floor. Remember: sauna is not a competition. Enjoy sweating as long as it is comfortable.

Mindfulness: listen to your body

The key to optimal sauna enjoyment lies in your personal experience. Listen to your body’s signals. As a rule, eight to 15 minutes per sauna session is sufficient. If you feel unwell, it’s time to leave the sauna. Use the different temperature ranges to your advantage.

Fragrant infusions: A journey for the senses

Aromatic infusions turn the sauna into a sensual experience. Essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender or spruce needle not only open up the airways, but also awaken pleasant memories. The aromatized, moist, hot air is spread around the room with a towel so that every visitor experiences a sense of well-being.

Rest periods: Important moments of relaxation

Rest periods of 15 to 45 minutes are important between sauna sessions. Use this time to meditate, read or simply enjoy the silence. Also remember to drink plenty, preferably water or herbal teas, to avoid dehydration.

Health aspects: Know when enough is enough

Saunas offer numerous health benefits, but you shouldn’t overdo it. People with certain health problems in particular should consult a doctor beforehand. After a sauna session, it is advisable to refrain from sporting activities. However, a massage can be a wonderful addition to enhance the relaxing effect.

Taking a sauna is not a competition

Remember that the sauna is a place of rest and relaxation. It’s about your relaxation and well-being, not performance. Leave the stress of everyday life behind you and enjoy your sauna experience to the full.


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