Cool down properly after the sauna session

For the actual sauna session, many people take all the time in the world. But they forget about cooling or give this important part only a few minutes. Thereby, a comprehensive sauna session consists of several phases. The reason: only with sufficient cooling of fresh air and cold water you achieve a health-promoting effect.
Why should I cool down after the sauna bath?

Cool down properly after the sauna session

  • Proper cooling down after a sauna session helps stabilize circulation and maximize the health benefits of the sauna.
  • There are several methods of cooling down, including fresh air, cold showers and snow rubs, depending on your preferences and the time of year.
  • Gradual cooling, starting with the feet and ending with the head, is often recommended to gently acclimate the body to the temperature change.

The importance of cooling down after the sauna

Cool down properly after the sauna session. The heat in the sauna warms the core temperature of your body. That alone is pretty healthy. But, to experience all the effects of the healthy pleasure, you also need to cool down your organism. To do that, the baths provide you with a variety of options. You can douse yourself with ice, jump in the shower, or just relax in a deck chair. All methods lead to the goal, one faster, the other slower. In this article, we will present you all the options once, because you may not even know one or the other.

Cooling down in the fresh air

Can’t stand the idea of jumping into an ice-cold shower? You don’t have to. Just go out into the fresh air. It’s much colder here than in the sauna. Slowly but surely, your body’s core temperature will also drop to its normal level. Of course, the best way to cool down after a sauna session is to go out into the fresh air. Here, ice cubes are also often available to gently rub over your body.

Give this a try. The cold tingling sensation is simply wonderful after minutes in the heat. However, not every bath offers this option. But that is not a bad thing. It is quite enough to spend half an hour at normal room temperature. This gentle way is especially suitable for all people who are sensitive to extreme temperature differences, children and seniors, for example.


Natural method that gently cools the body.
Reduces the risk of circulatory problems, since the temperature difference is not so extreme.
Fresh air can also improve lung function and increase oxygen levels in the blood.


When you go outside for fresh air, try to breathe deeply and slowly. This helps to further relax the body and normalize the heartbeat.
Some saunas offer special outdoor areas with recliners where you can cool off in peace.

The cold shower from the hose

He actually offers every sauna bath: the good old Kneipp hose. In principle, you are dealing with a garden hose. As simple as it is, it is also popular with die-hard sauna fans. It gives you the opportunity to cool down gradually. It’s pretty frosty, too, but it’s still gentle on your circulation. Start cooling down at the feet and slowly work your way up to the center of your body. Then cool your arms first and finally continue with your chest and head. This way, you’ll ensure that your entire body enjoys the refreshing coolness.


Quick and effective way to lower body temperature.
Can promote blood circulation and close the pores, which has a positive effect on the skin.
Helps to activate the circulation and strengthen the immune system.


Always start at the feet and work your way up. This will avoid shock to the body.
Avoid aiming the water directly at the face or head, as this can be uncomfortable.

The experience shower

Does your sauna bath have a so-called experience shower? Then you should stand under it once, because the experience is really pretty great. Namely, these showers have jets both on the top and on the side. So your entire body is wetted with water at the same time. By the way, you don’t necessarily have to set cold water here. Most devices also allow you to shower at lukewarm temperature.


Provides a multisensory experience with different levels of water pressure and temperature.
Can relieve muscle tension, especially if massage jets are available.
Some experience showers also offer aromatherapy, which can help you relax.


Alternate between hot and cold water to slowly acclimate the body to the temperature differences.
Try the different settings to find out what is most comfortable for you.

In the snow in winter

A way of cooling down that is especially popular in winter: rubbing with snow. During the cold season, Mother Nature may provide you with this opportunity. When it is warmer outside, you can turn to the snow chamber. Such facilities are available in more and more baths.


One of the most effective ways to cool down your body quickly.
Rubbing with snow can act like an exfoliator for the skin, removing dead skin cells.
The combination of hot sauna and cold snow strengthens the immune system and promotes blood circulation.


When rubbing snow on your skin, do so gently and avoid pressing the snow too hard on your skin.
Do not stay in the snow too long to avoid hypothermia. A few minutes is usually sufficient.

What you like is allowed

As long as you are healthy, you may cool off as much as you like after your sauna session. Even if you have to grit your teeth for one or the other method, it is not harmful for you.

In any case, it is important that you dry yourself completely afterward. This is the only way to avoid hypothermia. That’s why you should immediately wrap up in your cozy bathrobe. Remember not to extend the cooling phase too much. If you opt for ice-cold water, a few seconds will be quite enough. In the fresh air, you will be sufficiently cooled down after ten minutes.


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