What is a stone sauna?

Hot stones, cold water - this mixture makes wellness dreams. Stone sauna is a variant to enjoy gentle heat and high humidity.
Stone sauna - hot stones, cold water

Stone sauna – hot stones, cold water

What is a stone sauna? The stone sauna is slowly but surely conquering the local wellness temples. And anyone who has experienced it knows immediately what is so special about this ritual. Again and again, hot stones are plunged into a kettle with a hiss. Meanwhile, guests relax on comfortable recliners. The temperature is a pleasant 65 degrees (149 °F) and the high humidity is reminiscent of the rainforest. Simply wonderful. But is it all just for show, or is there a health benefit? We at Saunazeit have looked into the matter and have the answers for you.

And again and again it hisses

The highlight of the stone sauna is the water kettle, into which the rock is dipped again and again. It’s like an automatic infusion that takes place every few minutes. Each time, the temperature, and humidity rise. Nevertheless, it does not get too warm. The mercury should not climb above 70 degrees (158 °F). But not only this process is special.

Stone saunas usually lack the classic wooden benches. Don’t panic, you still don’t have to stand. You spend your relaxation time on comfortable recliners. Even though you are supposed to sit in the sauna, you can lie down at these low temperatures.

Mineral is nebulized

The fizzing stone is also said to have great health benefits. It is mineral rock. It naturally heats up in the sauna. If it is then immersed in the kettle, it fizzes. And according to the manufacturers, this means nothing other than that micro-small mineral particles are nebulized in the air. Whether this is so is not proven. The ritual is always wonderfully relaxing.

First, these minerals are good for your respiratory tract. They hit them quite directly. And the high humidity in the room also washes away pathogens that have settled on the fine hairs of your bronchial tubes. All this is done by your breathing in the sauna.

But the whole thing should be able to unfold even more effect. The mineral stone has a positive effect on your organism in general. Thus, back complaints and joint complaints are to be alleviated particularly effectively. Whether it comes from the stones or not, it will always help you. The warmth alone relaxes muscles and ligaments, so that tensions and knots are loosened. The pleasant position on the lounger certainly does the rest.

We don’t need to mention that such a gentle sauna session is extremely good for the circulation, do we? As usual, the arteries dilate in the heat and contract again afterward. This makes them more elastic in the long run. At low temperatures, this is only a very gentle workout. So that even people with cardiovascular problems can enjoy the pleasant warmth without any problems.

Do I have to pay attention to anything in the stone sauna?

You can easily enjoy this ritual. However, you should be careful. The low room temperatures could tempt sauna professionals to sweat for too long. After half an hour you should take a break in any case, otherwise it becomes dangerous. Cool off gently and then treat yourself to a relaxing hour in the recliner. Several courses are not necessary from a health point of view – but if you absolutely want to, you may of course.

The exact origin of the stone sauna is not conclusively clear. Some see its roots in the Alps, but other mountainous regions and cultures familiar with the ritual of heating stones may have served as sources of inspiration. Many cultures have traditions of using hot stones for healing and relaxation rituals.

But be that as it may, you should definitely keep your eyes open for such a stone sauna. The relaxing hours on the loungers are really worth it – whether minerals are whizzing through the air or not.

Personal experience reports

Many who have visited a stone sauna describe the experience as deeply relaxing. The hissing of the stones in the cauldron, combined with the gentle heat, makes for a unique sauna experience. Some visitors find the mineral fumes particularly beneficial to the respiratory system, while others simply appreciate the pleasant atmosphere and comfortable loungers.


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