The mini sweat room for home

If you want to benefit from all the advantages of a sauna at home in your own 4 walls, you do not necessarily have to buy a stationary wood sauna. Mobile mini steam saunas are also recommended, can be installed quickly and, of course, cost nowhere near as much as a conventional wooden dry sauna.
The mini steam sauna for home

The mini steam sauna for the home

The mini sweat room for home offers a real wellness experience and is ideal for anyone looking for rest, relaxation, recreation, and regeneration after a busy day with as little effort as possible. The small, practical indoor steam sauna stands for pure relaxation, and it is particularly easy and uncomplicated to set up and install. So the everyday stress can be forgotten quickly.

The mini sweat room for home is ideal for athletes and health-conscious people

The mini sweat room for home also offers the advantage that the dimensions are such that sweating can be done even in the lying position. Just like a conventional sauna session in a 90° (194 °F) dry sauna, taking a sauna in the mini sweat room at home has many positive effects on one’s health.

For example, it has been proven that regular visits to the sauna can effectively protect against colds. The advantages of the mini sweat room for home as a mobile sauna are also obvious to athletes, because they recommend and use this wonderfully uncomplicated way of sauna especially gladly and often.

Purchase tip: Mini sauna for home

Lying sauna with wireless remote control and electrically controlled steam generator

Private sauna luxury whenever and wherever you want – without crowded sauna rooms and wet sweaty sauna benches. Whether in the garden, living room, bathroom or on vacation – the reclining sauna is uncomplicated and, above all, quick to set up and take down. What this means for you is that no matter what kind of busy day you’ve had, the heat cabin can be transformed into a place of relaxation in just a few minutes.

Tip. Use additional aromatherapy oils for that very special relaxation! Sauna sessions are popular not only for their relaxing effect, but also because they can have a positive impact on health. Especially regular use can, among other things, promote blood circulation and stimulate or improve metabolism. In addition, your skin can shine again in a fresh glow.

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Remote control for particularly easy and effective control of the home sauna

Entering the mini home sweat room is very easy thanks to a zipper and does not cause any problems at all. A conventional 90° (194 °F) sauna cabin made of wood sometimes takes a very long time until the interior is completely heated to the desired temperature. Not so the mobile room sauna, here the warm-up process takes a maximum of 10 minutes and already the small sweat cure can begin.

The manufacturer has also come up with something very special through the supplied remote control for the mini sauna. Because thanks to the remote control, the control is child’s play. The home sauna contains a particularly powerful steam generator, 2 l – 1000 W. And for individual and particularly user-friendly settings, sauna lovers can choose from a total of 9 heat levels.

So there is something for everyone to completely relax and completely relax the muscles. The home sauna is easily assembled with fabric cover and plug-in frame, both of which are included.

Mini sauna for home built in no time thanks to modular plug-in system

For the stay inside the mini sweat room for home, a conventional lounger is quite sufficient. The dimensions of the home sauna are 180 × 73 × 50 cm, so the mini sauna cabin for home use is generously sized and can be used by children and adults alike.

Also included is a timer, adjustable from 1 to 99 minutes. The construction of the mini sweat room for home use is done in a modular plug-in system, this is already done in just a few steps, so the home sauna is ready in just a few minutes and also ready for use.

Over the plug-in frame as a basic framework is then only the sauna tent pulled, and it can go after a preheating time of only about 10 minutes with the cozy sauna visit for home.


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Practical tips for the home steam sauna

  • Always place a towel on the floor of your portable steam sauna. This will prevent sweat from dripping onto the floor of the cabin and save time when drying and cleaning the floor afterward.
  • Newbies especially shouldn’t spend too long in the steam sauna. Start with not-so-high temperatures and linger only for short periods of time. Although portable saunas don’t get nearly as hot as traditional sweat boxes, regular sauna use is still taxing on the circulation.
  • After your sauna session, allow excess moisture to escape by leaving the sauna tent open for a while. Make sure the cabin is well dried before putting it in the carrying bag.
  • Whatever you want to use in terms of body care is also possible in mobile saunas. Scrubs made from sea salt and essential oils have the same effect and make your home feel a little more like a sauna.


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