Sauna speakers for retrofitting

Relaxing in the sauna is simply wonderful. It becomes even more beautiful with music. It helps you to switch off completely. But how do the gentle sounds get into the sauna at home?
What are the requirements for sauna speakers?

Sauna speakers specifically for sauna equipment

Many saunas have speakers built in from the start. However, this is not the case with all heat cabins. But on the market there have long been suitable speakers for retrofitting. In terms of quality, you do not have to make any compromises. Both sound and workmanship are convincing. Above all, you have a big advantage: If the speaker is outdated, you can simply replace it with a new, modern one. In this article, we tell you what to look for when buying.

What are the requirements for sauna speakers?

It’s clear, in the sweat lodge it gets hot and wet. Therefore, the speakers should of course be protected against heat and moisture. There is now an official standard for this. If the speaker is to be installed in the sauna, it must at least meet the IP64 standard. More does not hurt either, but it should not be less in any case. Otherwise, there is a risk that the sensitive components will be damaged.

Radio or cable, which is better?

When buying your sauna speakers, you still have the choice between wired and wireless models. Where honestly, those with cables are becoming fewer and fewer. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at this technology, because it certainly has its advantages. The first is obvious: the sound is extremely reliable. After all, the sound source is directly connected to the sauna speaker. So interfering influences don’t stand a chance.

For the same reason, these devices are also quite insensitive to interference. In addition, such speakers are usually built very robust. Even light shocks can do them little harm. So you will enjoy these sauna speakers for a long time. Maintenance is also hardly necessary.

The disadvantage is clear: if you choose a wired system, you just have to lay cables. This must reach to the sound source. Usually, you will have to drill a small hole in the walls of your sweat lodge for this.

Wireless speakers as an alternative

This brings us to the advantages of wireless speakers. Here you do not need to install a cable. The speaker is in the sauna and the sound source is outside. Sometimes even an MP3 player is already installed in the devices. The sound is often transmitted via WLAN, radio or Bluetooth. With wireless devices, you can also operate several devices together.

Of course, there are disadvantages to this. To enjoy really good sound, you have to invest a bit. Above all, it is important that the wireless connection is very stable. After all, there are always invisible drops of water whizzing through the air in the sauna. They are capable of interfering with radio waves of any kind. It takes a strong transmitter to avoid this.

This is what you need to pay attention to when buying wireless speakers

As already mentioned above: When buying your sauna speakers, pay attention to the transmission power. In this regard, you should follow the manufacturer’s specifications. It always notes how far away the sound source may be. By the way, this is a maximum value that you should not necessarily exhaust. The further away the speakers are, the worse the signal will be. So if in doubt, invest a few euros more.

If you opt for wireless speakers that connect via WLAN, do not run too many devices at the same time. This could also negatively affect the quality of the signal and thus the sound.

If the sound source and speakers would be separated by a thick concrete wall, you should rather go for a wired system. The signals cannot overcome this barrier without loss. By the way, a wall that is tiled is also a big obstacle. It doesn’t necessarily have to interfere, but it can. In this case, it is better to use a sauna speaker with a very long range.

Mono or stereo, which is better?

Surely you will think to yourself: Well, of course, stereo speakers are the first choice. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Consider the size of your sauna room. If it is very small, mono sound is even better. But what’s the difference anyway? From a technical point of view, there is none to begin with.

Positioning the loudspeakers correctly

But there is a difference in the sound experience. Stereo means that different signals come out of two or more speakers. The sounds are divided into highs and lows. If the sauna speakers are well-adjusted to each other, the result is a very natural sound experience. Many people appreciate this. But, for this to work, the speakers must be mounted in the right position in the sauna. The simplest principle here is that the loudspeaker and the listener must form an equilateral triangle. The sauna speaker is the right choice only if you can implement this. Otherwise, the sound would sound a bit weird.

Better alternative – mono speakers

If you can’t form this triangle, you should opt for mono. This does not mean that only one speaker is installed. There may well be several. The difference is that the same signal comes out of all of them. They can be placed according to your needs. Where the listener sits does not matter – and that is important in the sauna. Finally, you need to make sure that the units are mounted relatively far away from the sauna heater. Many choose a place under the bench. Here the speaker is invisible and largely protected.

eliga loudspeaker up to 120° C, Ø 135 mm

eliga Lautsprecher bis 120° C, weiß, Ø 135 mm

KENFORD -pair- marine built-in loudspeaker

Kenford -Paar- Marine Einbaulautsprecher 130 mm

MONACOR-SPE-110P/WS, temperature resistant up to 120 degrees Celsius white

MONACOR-SPE-110P/WS Wetterfester Einbaulautsprecher, 15 W, 4...

Eliga loudspeaker up to 120° C, Ø 90 mm

eliga Lautsprecher bis 120° C, schwarz Ø 90 mm

Weka Sauna Resonance Speaker

Weka Portabler Resonanzlautsprecher für IR-Kabinen und...

INFRAWORLD suitable for saunas and infrared

INFRAWORLD 1 Paar 2-Wege-Lautsprecher, geeignet für Saunen...


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