Sauna hat and sauna cap to protect from the sauna heat

The sauna hat is believed to have originated in Russia. Because the so-called Russian banya is much hotter than the traditional Finnish sauna. It is also known as sauna hat or felt hat. But what good is such a cap in a hot sauna?
The sauna hat - a long Russian tradition

The sauna hat – a long Russian tradition

Sauna cap, sauna hat or sauna cap, in the Russian banya these accessories are indispensable. They keep the head and hair from excessive overheating. After all, it’s hot in the banya… very hot. After showering, you go to the steam sauna, where temperatures exceed 100 degrees Celsius. So it is not surprising that in Russia no one goes to the banya without a sauna cap. But even after the cooling phase in the fresh air, the sauna hat ensures that you do not cool down. This protects against colds not only in winter.

The main advantages of a sauna cap

The temperature in a sauna can rise to over 100 degrees Celsius. Especially the head is strongly exposed to the heat here. This heats up faster than the rest of the body and you feel like you are overheating. This can cause dizziness in some people. In addition, regular sauna use can make the hair dry and brittle. This is where the sauna hat comes to the rescue! Using a sauna hat allows you to stay in the sauna longer, maximizing the benefits of a sauna visit.

What materials are used to make a sauna hat?

The decisive criterion for a high-quality sauna hat is the material from which it is made. Felt has proven to be optimal in this respect. Felt has an insulating effect, effectively protecting the head from high temperatures. In this way, the scalp is protected (especially for people with little hair or bald). In addition, a sauna hat made of felt can not get soaked, because the moisture is well removed.

Advantages of a sauna hat:

  • Provides protection for the head from heat
  • Can protect the ears from heat
  • Protects treated and colored hair
  • Ensures that the body temperature remains constant during the sauna session
  • Allows better absorption of conditioner or mask while protecting the hair
  • Reduces the formation of split ends
  • Ensures that the sweat does not drip into the eyes

The main features of a good sauna hat:

  • Breathability
  • Thermal insulation
  • Dirt repellent

How do I care for my sauna hat?

For a sauna hat does not require much care. Make sure that the felt hat can air out after the sauna session. This is easily done by hanging it on a hook. Natural wool felt has a remarkable ability to clean itself and even break down absorbed sweat. Hand wash the sauna hat two to three times a year, depending on how often you use the sauna.

Many sauna fans now swear by these special headgear, even in our country. They simply appreciate the protective properties, after all, sweating is also about the health side. By the way, the more famous the hats, the more fashionable they become.


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