Sauna hat

What do you need as accessories for the sauna?

What accessories do I need for the sauna?

If you are planning to visit the sauna, there are a few things you need to make your sauna experience enjoyable and relaxing. Below you will find all the important information and useful tips to prepare you for your visit to the sauna.

Why wear a sauna felt hat in the sauna?

What is a sauna fedora?

The felt hats worn in the sauna look a bit strange. But they have a great benefit. What is the purpose of the sauna felt hat? Are there differences between the individual models? What felt hats are suitable for the sauna? We answer these and other questions in this article.

Sauna sessions for beautiful and gorgeous hair

What are the benefits of sauna for hair?

There is a widespread sauna myth about hair. However, the fear that a visit to the sauna will harm the hair is unfounded, quite the opposite. Studies have proven: Due to the high temperatures, the outer cuticle layer of the hair is opened – regenerating care products now penetrate particularly deeply and work even more efficiently.

Sauna hat: Looks funny, but is helpful

Sauna hat – sense or nonsense?

Have you ever noticed those people with hats in the sauna? Surely you will have thought of Seppel from the Punch and Judy show the first time you saw it. But why can’t these people do without their headgear when they are otherwise naked? Is this a new weird fetish?