What is a sauna fedora?

The felt hats worn in the sauna look a bit strange. But they have a great benefit. What is the purpose of the sauna felt hat? Are there differences between the individual models? What felt hats are suitable for the sauna? We answer these and other questions in this article.
Why wear a sauna felt hat in the sauna?

Why wear a sauna felt hat in the sauna?

What is a sauna felt hat? Who has not wondered why people wear a felt hat in the sauna. And yes, these things don’t look beautiful. But they have a great benefit. We promise you, the courage is worth it. And if one person starts doing it, many regulars are likely to join in. And then it’s already not embarrassing at all. We’ll tell you why headwear is such a smart thing to have. And show you a fashionable alternative.

Felt caps are good against icy cold

Surely you will love your fedora, especially in winter. Because in the sauna, your body heats up. But if you go outside, you’ll quickly get cold again. Also, because the organism releases heat through the head. If wet hair is added to the mix, this happens even faster. This is not only unpleasant, but also a danger to your health. You’re risking a powerful cold – which has its name, namely not by chance. The sauna cap keeps the heat where it should be. The result: your head stays warm and the rest of your body too.

Effective protection against excessive heat

What is good against cold, also helps against heat. There’s a lot of truth to your grandma’s wisdom about the fedora, too. As you know, the temperatures in the sauna are quite hot. That’s exactly why you came. But there may also be a risk of overheating. Extremely dangerous for the circulation. Your body absorbs heat mainly through the scalp – and the felt cap protects you from this. Because the material conducts heat and very poorly. So the accessory literally helps you keep a cool head.

Poppy sauna hats and caps

You don’t have to wear a boring felt cap in the meantime, either. In the meantime, the sauna cap has established itself on the market. It comes in pop colors and even looks a bit cool. Just take a look around in the trade. Surely you too will find the sauna cap that you will love to wear. Technically, the cap and the hat work the same way. The difference lies solely in the appearance.

And where can I get the sauna hats?

We have convinced you, and now you also want to have such a hat? Then take a look around in the relevant online stores. On the net, you should have no problems buying a hat or cap. If you don’t want that, ask once in this favorite bathroom. Some large companies produce caps or hats themselves – with the logo of their company. In short, the courage to wear this extravagant garment is rewarded. Above all, your health will thank you.

Important companion in the sauna

In the sauna or banya, extreme heat is generated, which has the strongest effect on the head, because it is in the highest position. The wool felt hat protects the hair, scalp, and ears from this extreme heat. Thus, the stay during the infusion in the sauna is much more relaxed. Even after the infusion, the head is protected from cooling too quickly.

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Extreme heat is generated in the sauna or banya, which affects the head the most, because it is in the highest place. The felt hat made of wool protects the hair, scalp, and ears from this extreme heat. Thus, the stay in the sauna during the infusion is much more relaxed. Even after the infusion, the head is protected from cooling down too quickly. Such sauna headgear should fit on any head, regardless of whether they are men, women, or children. The beautiful hat likes to make a nice conversation in the sauna. This sauna felt hat is characterized by its high quality workmanship. It is made of 100% cotton (wool felt) and is therefore very easy to clean.

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