Sauna hat – sense or nonsense?

Have you ever noticed those people with hats in the sauna? Surely you will have thought of Seppel from the Punch and Judy show the first time you saw it. But why can't these people do without their headgear when they are otherwise naked? Is this a new weird fetish?
Sauna hat: Looks funny, but is helpful

Sauna hat: Looks funny, but is helpful

No, definitely not. It is very likely a so-called sauna hat, it was invented specifically for the hot pleasure. In Germany it is still relatively new, but in Finland and Russia it is already well known. That it will not get you a place on the cover of Vogue is clear. We’ll tell you why you should wear this hat anyway.

Protection from extreme temperatures

In winter, be sure to wear a cap or other headgear, because it will protect you from the cold. We humans do this because the head is our weak point. In fact, there is hardly any fatty tissue on its upper side that would insulate. The hair alone is not enough here, everyone quickly notices in cold temperatures. By the way, the same is true in the summer. The good old sun hat not only protects the head from dangerous UV radiation, but also the brain from overheating.

Protection from the winter cold

This is exactly what the sauna hat does for you. It does make you sweat, but it also keeps your organism from overheating. Of course, if you go to the sauna garden in the winter, it will also protect you from the cold. But that’s really just a nice, useful side effect. For us, the most important thing at this point is heat protection, because it’s really quite important.

Ideal for sauna beginners

Indeed, those who wear such a hat protect their circulation and ensure that the load remains within tolerable limits. This is especially good for beginners who don’t really know their limits yet. With the hat, they can sit longer in the sauna without fear of health consequences.

Which hat is the right one

When choosing a sauna hat, the material in particular plays an important role. Cotton, for example, would be completely unsuitable. There are also people who try to protect their head with a towel during an infusion. Unfortunately, this misses its mark almost completely. A towel will get soaked with water and sweat, and therefore will become quite hot. Unfortunately, a cotton hat would do the same.

No plastic sauna hats

There are even occasional models made of plastic, but they are completely unsuitable. Under certain circumstances, the plastic would even melt and cause painful burns.

Sauna hats from natural wool felt

Felt has proven to be optimal. The natural material does not absorb moisture, but insulates perfectly. Especially well suited felt made from sheep’s wool. But on the market you can also find models made of rabbit felt. They are a bit more expensive, but particularly thick and dimensionally stable. For people who can not tolerate wool, there are also hats made of linen. They are pretty thin and don’t insulate that well, but are an option.

Even a sauna hat needs some care

But in order not to lose its capabilities, the sauna hat needs a little care. After the relaxing day in the heat, you should air dry it, for example, because it does get a little wet. Once back home, you should machine wash it at low temperature for hygiene. When drying, you should gently pull it back into shape. This works best if you roll it over her knee briefly.

Also when cooling down: Never without a hat

We had already mentioned that the sauna hat will, of course, protect you from the cold. That’s why they should wear it when you cool down outside. This is especially true in the cold season, but does not hurt in the summer – and offers one more additional benefit: The hat ensures that sweat does not drip into your eyes.

Overview of sauna hats for little money

A large number of sauna fans now swear by these special headgear. They simply appreciate the protective properties, after all, sweating is also about the health side. By the way, the more famous the hats, the more fashionable they become.

1. DIYer – Sauna hat – incl. Sauna guide

This sauna hat is characterized by its high quality workmanship. It is made of 100% cotton (wool felt) and is therefore very easy to clean. Sauna headgear should fit any head, whether for men, women or children. The beautiful hat likes to provide a nice conversation in the sauna. Extreme heat is generated in the sauna or banya, which affects the head the most, since it is in the highest place. The wool felt hat protects the hair, scalp and ears from this extreme heat. Thus, the stay in the sauna during the infusion is much more relaxed. Even after the infusion, the head is protected from cooling down too quickly.

Saunahut - Modell mit Aufschrift - Läuft bei mir! - 100%...

2. DIYer – Sauna hat – incl. Sauna guide

The head is very sensitive, especially when it comes to cold and heat. 80% of the heat is absorbed or emitted through the head. When exposed to external cold and heat, the head should be well protected accordingly. In the sauna, a head covering makes especially much sense, because it protects the head from the extreme heat and sauna becomes much more pleasant.

Saunahut - Modell mit Aufschrift - Sauna - 100% Baumwolle -...

3. DIYer® – Sauna hat – incl. Sauna guidebook as eBook

In the sauna, extreme heat is generated, which affects the head the most, because it is in the highest place. The wool felt hat protects the hair, as well as the scalp and ears from this extreme heat. Thus, the stay during the infusion in the sauna is much more relaxed.

Saunahut - Modell Pilot - 100% Wollfilz- Saunamütze aus...

4. Felt sauna hat for lady

Chic felt sauna hat for lady. It protects the hair, scalp and ears from too much heat. The chic sauna hat also protects against hypothermia after the infusion.

Saunahut für Dame aus Filz (Filzkappe, Saunamütze) Frau /...

6. Ger3as sauna hat wool with embroidery for men and women

The wool cap has been sewn from a material with higher density, which is industrially sewn with a special machine. With this hat your hair and head will be protected from heat. The material of the sauna hat is made with the help of water plant technology, which reduces the smell of natural sheep wool.

Ger3as Saunahut Wolle mit Stickerei für Damen und Herren,...

7. Natural Textile Sauna Hat ‘Miss Sauna Flower

An important factor for the sauna experience is the hat material. This sauna hat is made of 100% organic wool material with a thickness of 6 mm and a thickness of 800 g / m2. Whether you go to the sauna for a few minutes or for a few sessions, you need the reliability of our sauna hat. With this sauna hat you will get the free sauna e-book instructions in English PDF format.

Naturtextil Naturtextil-SaunahutMiss Sauna Flower weiß –...

8. Natural Textile Sauna Hat ‘Sauna Boss Bucket

These sauna caps are made of the highest quality materials. Made with dry needle felting: in this way the wool hair remains undamaged, elastic, fluffy and very absorbent, protects your head from heat. Decorated with high quality beautiful embroidery.

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