What accessories do I need for the sauna?

If you are planning to visit the sauna, there are a few things you need to make your sauna experience enjoyable and relaxing. Below you will find all the important information and useful tips to prepare you for your visit to the sauna.
What do you need as accessories for the sauna?

What accessories do you need in the sauna?

Anyone who has ever been in the sauna and experienced the feeling after an extensive sauna session knows how beneficial a sauna session can feel. Many visitors who have visited such a sweat bath for the first time often return to it again and again. Experienced sauna-goers in particular know exactly which type of sauna (e.g. the Finnish or the Russian type) they prefer and which accessories one or the other sauna-goer needs. But which accessories are useful? Those who have studied saunas and plan to do so more often in the near future can get more detailed information here.

The right sauna textiles

Even a sauna beginner becomes skeptical when sauna textiles are mentioned. After all, even sauna novices know that wearing clothes in a classic sauna is forbidden and not sensible. However, after all, a sauna-goer does not walk around the sauna area naked and unclothed all day, but wears sauna slippers on his feet on the way, for example.

Due to the encounter of several people in a public steam bath, germs such as athlete’s foot can multiply quickly on the floors in the bathroom. Also, among other things, longer distances must be walked between the cold pools and the steam rooms. This creates a risk of slipping, which can be avoided by using sauna slippers.

The sauna coat protects the sauna user from cooling down. A classic sauna robe looks something like a bathrobe. It is light and comfortable to wear on the skin, which is important for resting after sauna. Sauna robes can be purchased cheaply everywhere on the Internet and in specialized stores.

The sauna kilt is a smaller towel that is ideal for wrapping around the waist. In some public bath and sauna facilities, these textiles are even mandatory as a support for the sauna user. Purchasing such a piece is possible online or in specialized stores for a reasonable price.

The sauna towel is a larger towel, which is especially useful as a base in the rest areas by the loungers or even in various types of steam baths. Now and then it may happen that a sauna towel is prescribed as a base in public steam baths and the sauna kilt is not sufficient.

Optional sauna textiles

Besides a sauna towel or even the sauna slippers, other textiles are also useful. Among them, for example, the sauna hat. Many inexperienced sauna-goers will certainly ask themselves why a sauna hat is useful. After all, it is warm enough in the sauna. The sauna hat protects the head from extreme heat. Since the head, as a heat-sensitive part of the body, can absorb heat particularly quickly, a hat makes perfect sense for hot baths above 95 degrees Celsius. In an outdoor sauna, a hat can prevent the sudden drop in temperature, especially in the colder seasons like winter.

The right accessories

In the field of sauna, one or two items seem quite useful and useful. Among them, for example, is the sauna cushion. Especially in a lying and stretched out position, a pillow under the head is very comfortable. Thus, everyone can fully enjoy the sauna bath. A conventional pillow would quickly become saturated with liquid due to the steam and sweat. The pillow would be unusable within a very short time and, above all, unhygienic. That is why there are special sauna pillows that everyone can take with them to the sauna. These are easy to clean and are therefore ideal for saunas.

The Hammam as an exotic experience

If you are into extraordinary experiences in the field of steam and sauna baths, you should definitely try the hammam. This Turkish bath includes, among other things, a full body peeling. Dead skin tissue is rubbed off with a rough sponge or cloth and then sweated in a kind of steam bath. A peeling glove is recommended for this, with which the abraded skin particles can be picked up later. The hammam towel is very useful for the subsequent rest period afterward. You can buy a hammam cloth anywhere on the Internet.

Summary – What accessories and textiles are needed?

Which sauna accessories are useful, everyone must decide for themselves. There are two different criteria that can be taken into consideration. One criterion is visiting a public sauna facility. There, in addition to the general house rules, the guest must above all adhere to the dress and bathing regulations. Here, sauna towels, sauna kilts or sauna slippers may be mandatory. It may also be that bringing a sauna pillow is not allowed. Anyone can find out which regulations are valid on the Internet.

The private spa at home

Those who run their own sweat bath at home do not need to worry about regulations on textiles. Simply enjoy your own outdoor sauna or sauna cabin in the house and pay attention to basic rules on hygiene. Besides general safety instructions for equipment used in sauna operation, such as sauna heaters and infusions, there is not much to observe in principle.

Having your own sauna equipment is a luxury for most people. However, a sauna towel or even a sauna kilt are quite useful so that you can enjoy your own bath for a long time to come. Sauna slippers are also useful, as there is a risk of slipping afterward that should not be underestimated. A comfortable sauna cushion, on the other hand, is almost a must in a private sweat sauna.

Useful tips for the sauna visit

  • Before entering the sauna, it is advisable to take a thorough shower to rid the body of dirt and sweat and create a pleasant atmosphere for yourself and the other sauna guests.
  • Upon entering the sauna, you will often find various seating options at different heights and temperatures. Choose a placement that is comfortable and suits your needs.
  • Start your sauna visit with shorter stays of about 8–10 minutes, and gradually increase the time as your body gets used to it. Take enough time between sauna sessions to cool down and relax.
  • After each sauna session, cool your body thoroughly. Shower with cold water or take a refreshing dip in a cold water pool or snow cabin.
  • Allow yourself sufficient rest time after your sauna session to regenerate your body and maximize the positive effects of the sauna. Use the rest areas or quiet rooms in the sauna area to relax, meditate, or simply enjoy the silence and serenity.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of fluids. Drink plenty of water after your sauna session, or opt for isotonic drinks to compensate for mineral loss.
  • Avoid eating heavy foods immediately before or after a sauna session. Light snacks or fruit are better tolerated and do not put too much strain on the stomach.
  • Listen to your body and be considerate of your individual limits. If you feel uncomfortable or experience signs of overheating or dizziness, leave the sauna immediately and seek cooler surroundings.
  • Allow enough time for your sauna visit to realize its full recovery potential. Taking a sauna is not only a physical experience, but also a mental and spiritual one that requires time and rest.


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