What you should consider as a woman in the sauna

Who does not know this? The anticipation of a relaxing day in the sauna. Once completely, switch off and enjoy the peace and quiet.
So woman feels good in the sauna

Three essential points that women should pay attention to in the sauna

  • Hygiene: Maintaining hygiene in the sauna is important to ensure a clean and pleasant environment for everyone. You should shower thoroughly before entering the sauna.
  • Towel pad: It is customary to use a large towel as a pad to avoid direct skin contact with the wooden benches.
  • Respect privacy: In mixed saunas, keep a respectful distance from others and avoid loud conversations or intrusive behavior.

Challenges for women in the sauna

A visit to the sauna can be a relaxing and health-promoting experience. However, for many women, it can also turn out to be unpleasant, especially if they experience disturbing stares or rude behavior. This article discusses some challenges and solutions for women in the sauna to create a comfortable and respectful atmosphere.

Basic sauna rules for safety and comfort

To ensure that sauna visits are enjoyable for everyone, there are certain rules of conduct. These rules help create a safe and respectful environment. Here are some of them:

  • Hygiene: a thorough shower before entering the sauna is mandatory to minimize the spread of bacteria.
  • Clothing: A large towel should be used as a seat pad to avoid direct skin contact with the benches.

Rules of conduct in the sauna

Sauna etiquette helps to create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone:

  • Quiet: Saunas are places of rest and relaxation, so conversation volume should be moderate.
  • Personal space: keep a reasonable distance from other sauna guests to respect everyone’s personal comfort zone.

Relaxation area: Relaxation after the sauna session

The rest area is the retreat for sensory relaxation, both before and after a sauna session. Here, body and mind receive well-deserved mindfulness and relaxation, surrounded by an atmosphere of calm and serenity.

Comfortable seating positions for more privacy

There are several sitting positions that can make you feel more comfortable in the sauna:

  • Lying on your stomach: this position provides more privacy and can help avoid unwanted stares.
  • With legs bent: This position also provides more privacy and may be found comfortable.
  • Using a towel: a towel can cover certain parts of the body and provide more discretion.

Responding to inappropriate behavior

In the event of inappropriate behavior, you should promptly and kindly inform the sauna staff if necessary. Additionally, some saunas offer special women’s hours to create a more comfortable and safer environment.

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