Properly disinfect sauna

Many people dream of having a sauna in their own home. This eliminates the need to leave the house after a stressful day at work to relax in soothing warmth. But in order to enjoy our own wellness oasis for as long as possible, we need to care for it regularly and, above all, clean and disinfect it properly.
Proper sauna means less work

Proper sauna means less work

Disinfect sauna properly. The following guide describes all the things that need to be taken into account and which agents are suitable for this purpose.

Already during the session, a few things can be done to keep the care effort low. For example, the user should shower thoroughly before each sauna session. In this way, he can prevent bacteria and dirt from getting onto the benches and various synthetic substances, such as perfumes or body oils, from evaporating due to the high temperatures. During the sauna, a large sauna towel is used as a base to protect the wood from sweat.

What must be done after the sauna session?

After taking a sauna, the stove is turned off and the door is opened. This allows the moist and hot air to escape more easily. It is also important that the anteroom is shock aired after each use. After the cabin has cooled down completely, we can clean and disinfect it. For this purpose, wet wipe after each session. Thorough cleaning and disinfection, on the other hand, must be done only once a week and, of course, when there is visible contamination.

Disinfecting the sauna properly

Before the sauna can be disinfected, the appropriate cleaning agent, disinfectant spray or disinfectant must be selected. Preparations with kerosene or, orange oil can penetrate into untreated wood and then heat up the seat unpleasantly during the next use. In addition, they are released into the air during sauna use and can irritate mucous membranes under certain circumstances.

Two pollutant-free and therefore more suitable tips for disinfecting a sauna

1. Wipe with diluted hydrogen peroxide

This agent is very suitable for disinfecting a home sauna. This is because it breaks down into water and oxygen relatively quickly as it evaporates. However, hydrogen peroxide should always be used diluted. To do this, mix 30 milliliters of the cleaning agent with one liter of water. A higher concentration could be highly corrosive and possibly attack the wood or even the skin.

2. Disinfection by selective heating

In this method, the dry sauna cabin is heated to provide more hygiene. This is because many household bacteria already die at a temperature of around 60 degrees Celsius (140 °F). If, on the other hand, more stubborn germs are involved, the cabin should be heated for at least half an hour. To kill all bacteria and prevent fungal infections or fungal transmission, the cabin should be heated to between 100 and 110 degrees Celsius (212 to 230 °F).

3. Buying tip: disinfectants for the sauna

All presented disinfectants can be used in the entire sauna area. These effectively protect against viruses, bacteria, fungi and germs. The specially developed sauna cleaners do not roughen the treated wood and leaves it in its natural state. In the trade, you can also get cleaners with fragrance additives, such as eucalyptus or menthol scent.

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What is the best way to clean the sauna heater?

The sauna heater should be cleaned regularly. This is because stains and lime deposits accumulate on the various metal surfaces over time. These surfaces are wiped with a soft but lint-free cloth and a mixture of vinegar and citric acid. If it is a wood-burning stove, the ash must also be regularly removed from the chimney and the stove itself. Furthermore, the latter is checked at least once a year for proper functioning. This involves sanding down any chipped wood, re-oiling jamming and squeaking hinges, tightening loose screws and replacing rusty elements.

4. Purchase tip: cleaning aids for the sauna heater

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To check the heater itself, first remove all sauna stones and replace defective or broken fragments. Because these could possibly disturb the ventilation. Discolored stones can be cleaned with a suitable brush. In addition, the oven should be switched on to see if the heating elements really all turn red. If this is not the case, a professional should be asked for help to repair or replace the defective parts.


In order for a home sauna to be used for as long as possible, it should be cleaned and disinfected appropriately and regularly. With the tips described above, this work is relatively easy to do and can be done even by laymen.


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