The most important criteria for buying a garden sauna

Do you dream of relaxing moments in your own garden sauna? However, when choosing the perfect sauna for you, there are many factors to consider. In the following article we will give you valuable tips so that you can choose your garden sauna according to your wishes and needs and enjoy many relaxing hours.
Important considerations when buying a garden sauna
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Important considerations when buying a garden sauna

A garden sauna is a valuable addition to any garden and offers many benefits for health and well-being. But before you decide to buy a garden sauna, you should consider some important purchase criteria. This article will show you what to look for when choosing a garden sauna, so you can find the perfect one for you. From size and materials to location, accessories and equipment, we cover all the important aspects so you can make an informed decision.

What are the advantages of a garden sauna?

A garden sauna offers many benefits for health and well-being. Some of the main advantages are:

  • Relaxation: A sauna session is the ideal way to relax and take time out from the stress of everyday life. Sauna sessions are known to induce deep states of relaxation due to their ability to increase circulation and relieve muscle tension.
  • Health Benefits: The increased circulation and strengthened immune system that result from sauna use are two of the reasons for the widespread acceptance of sauna use as a health-promoting practice. Sauna sessions have been associated with a reduction in blood pressure and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Family time: a garden sauna is the perfect opportunity to spend time with family or friends and relax together.
  • Increasing well-being: Regular sauna sessions can help to increase general well-being and reduce stress.
  • Flexibility: With a garden sauna in your own garden, you are independent of time and can go sauna whenever it suits you.

So all in all, a garden sauna offers many health and wellness benefits and can be a valuable addition to any garden.

Size of the garden sauna: how much space is available in my garden?

Before making a final purchase decision, you should think about the size of the garden sauna. There must be enough space in the sauna for all users to relax in acceptable conditions.

But how much space do you need for a sauna in the garden? The space required for a sauna varies greatly and depends, among other things, on the number of people who will use the sauna, as well as on the construction of the sauna.

If you want to build a modest sauna for two people, you should aim for an area of at least 4 square meters. For larger saunas, which can accommodate up to four people, a minimum of 6 square meters is required.

Access to the sauna and distance from adjacent buildings and objects must also be considered. Make sure that you have enough space to move freely outside the sauna.

Overall, it is important that the sauna has enough space for you and everyone else who will be using it. Consider the size of the sauna when planning and make sure you have enough space in your backyard before you decide to buy it.

Approval of a garden sauna: what to look for?

If you want to put a sauna in your backyard, you first need to find out if there are any local laws against it. A sauna may be limited in size or required to be set back from property lines, or both. Before you start installing the sauna, all the necessary permits and building permits should be obtained.

You should also be aware of any restrictions that may apply to your property, such as tree protection or building codes in historic settings. It is possible that the type and location of the sauna you wish to install will be restricted in its use by these regulations.

Find out if special insurance is required for backyard saunas. Certain insurers may have strict guidelines regarding electrical requirements or fire safety. Take all precautions to ensure the safety of your sauna.

Material of a garden sauna: what to look for?

For the longevity and safety of your outdoor sauna, the quality of the chosen wood and the thickness of the walls are most important. The use of high-quality, well-treated and processed wood ensures that your outdoor sauna can be reliably used for many years.

The thickness of the walls also contributes to the robustness and safety of the sauna. A sauna with thicker walls is less prone to damage because the walls are stronger and more durable. High-quality wood and sufficiently thick walls are therefore recommended to ensure maximum durability and safety.

The right wall thickness for the garden sauna

The wall thickness in a sauna has a great influence on the temperature in the room. A thicker wall results in a warmer and softer radiation, while a thinner wall results in a harder radiation. If you prefer a hot sauna, you should choose a wall thickness of 40 to 44 millimeters. For a softer indoor climate, thicker walls made of solid wood or logs are best suited, as they allow for greater heat exchange.

The right outdoor wood for the garden sauna

The right exterior wood for a garden sauna depends on several factors. First, you should consider what weather conditions the sauna will be exposed. For humid climates, wood species such as Western Red Cedar or thermowood are particularly suitable, as they are especially resistant to mold and rot.

In drier areas, you can also resort to wood species such as spruce or pine, but in this case you should pay attention to a very good impregnation to protect the wood from pests and weather conditions.

Another important factor in the selection of exterior wood is its appearance. Do you want a rustic or more modern sauna? Here it depends on personal taste. For example, a rustic sauna can be designed with round logs or logs, while for a modern look you can use smooth wood.

It is also worth thinking about the insulation of the sauna. Good insulation can reduce the energy consumption of the sauna and ensure that it stays warm longer. Here there are several options, such as insulation boards made of rock wool or hemp.

Choosing the right heater for the garden sauna

If you have decided to buy a garden sauna, you should also choose the right stove. The Sauna heater (at Amazon) is the most important part of a sauna and contributes decisively to the sauna experience. There are a variety of sauna heaters on the market, which differ in size, power and material. So how to choose the right sauna heater?

When choosing a sauna heater, the area of the sauna is an important aspect. The larger the sauna, the more powerful the heater should be. A heater that is too small will not be able to heat the sauna sufficiently, while a heater that is too large will consume too much energy and may even be dangerous for the sauna. To determine the correct size of the sauna heater, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer or a specialist.

It is also important to consider the energy consumption of the sauna heater. Electric sauna heaters are usually the least expensive option, but also the slowest to heat up. Wood stoves are more expensive, but they provide a natural atmosphere and heat up faster. If you choose a wood-burning stove, make sure it meets current safety standards.

What accessories are available for garden saunas?

For garden saunas, there is a wide range of features and extras that can greatly enhance the sauna experience and extend the health benefits of the sauna.

The addition of Scents (on Amazon) to your sauna session is a great option to optimize your experience. You can make your sauna session even more enjoyable with a range of soothing fragrances designed specifically for this purpose.

Hygrometer and thermometer (at Amazon), which can be used to monitor relative humidity and temperature in the sauna, are another helpful addition. This helps to create and maintain an ideal sauna climate.

In addition, listening to music in the sauna can enhance the sauna experience. For saunas are needed special speakers that can withstand the high humidity. They can be connected via Bluetooth or powered by an MP3 player.

Another popular feature for garden saunas is the integrated light. There are different types of lights, such as LED strips or mood lights that can be installed in the sauna. These can help enhance the sauna experience and promote relaxation.

Benches and storage shelves are another practical addition to outdoor saunas. Benches, which can be fixed or movable, provide a place to sit and relax. Towels, bathing suits and other sauna supplies can be stored in the lockers.

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