Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage is a 5000 year old healing art that pampers the body, mind and spirit. It activates self-regulatory forces, promotes relaxation and provides wellness for the senses. The massage relieves tension, nourishes the skin and brings deep well-being. Trust in the masseur and prior arrangements are important to enjoy the massage in the best possible way.
Ayurveda the Indian medicine

What is an Ayurvedic massage and how does it work?

Immerse yourself in the world of a 5000-year-old traditional healing art. Ayurvedic massage is wellness for body, mind, and soul. Through the application, the self-regulating forces are stimulated and a state of inner balance is achieved.

An Ayurvedic massage lets you experience a 5000-year-old ritual literally up close. This oil massage focuses on stimulating, even stroking movements. The masseur will work your whole body. In Germany, massage is widely used as a wellness ritual. It is said to increase your sense of well-being.

It can also strengthen connective tissue, prevent skin aging and have a calming effect on your nervous system. We’ll explain the process of the ceremony, tell you where the massage comes from, and what benefits it has for you. In addition, you will learn how to find a qualified masseur and when it is better not to enjoy the oil massage.

Ayurveda, the Indian medicine

Ayurveda probably has its origin in the Indian medicine. Its origin cannot be traced exactly today. It may well be that the actual roots lie in Sri Lanka. In any case, writings were found in India that described the procedure of the ceremony in detail thousands of years ago. Muslims translated the instructions for the full-body massage into Arabic. These works, in turn, reached Europe. In this way, the healing art also found its way into Western medicine. However, it only really became fashionable at the end of the 20th century, when wellness was invented.

Ayurvedic massage activates self-healing powers

Basically, there are two types of full body massage. In the classic form, only one masseur works on your body. In addition, there is a form in which two masseurs work simultaneously. It is the usual variant in India and Sri Lanke. In Europe, one masseur is usually working alone. Ayurvedic massage treats every part of the body very thoroughly. It is devoted to the feet, abdomen, and face in different sections. In Ayurveda, all these forms are considered independent types of massage. Nevertheless, the whole body is always included in a treatment.

Wellness for the senses and purification of the soul

However, the ceremony is not only about your physical well-being. The effect extends to your spirit. It is about the purification of the soul. It is the prerequisite for relaxation. During the oil massage, you lie comfortably on soft mats. The masseur will stroke your entire body with slow movements.

With circular movements, he will try to loosen your tensions. You will relax. The oil smells sensual and hits your brain directly through your nose. This promotes relaxation. Under the skillful grips of your masseur, you doze off. This is wellness for the mind.

Massage oils contain valuable Ayurvedic herbs

Different oils are always used in the full body massage. The masseur chooses them just for you. They should support the effect of the procedure. The base is always a sesame oil. It is mixed with various sensual fragrant herbs. It may also be that mustard oil or coconut oil are used. These two substances have a stimulating effect on the mind.

Caresses for the soul

The procedure of the oil massage is always similar. At the beginning, you will lie on your stomach. The masseur starts on your back with gentle movements. Very gently, the sensually fragrant oil penetrates to your nose and caresses your soul. From your back, the masseur works his way bit by bit to your arms. You, too, will be fully oiled and worked on with gentle, slow movements. As gentle as the pressure is, relaxation sets in quickly.

Important components of healing

After a while, the masseur will ask you to turn around. Now it is the turn of the abdomen. To many Western Europeans, this seems very unusual. However, this treatment is a very important part of healing. The hips, legs, and feet are now also included.

Discussion and course of treatment

If you have any questions, you can discuss the procedure with the masseur beforehand. He will adapt the treatment to your wishes. In Ayurveda, trust is important because if you are uncomfortable with a touch, your mind, and soul cannot relax. You will also experience one or the other touch as sensual. This is part of the healing art and no reason for shame. Enjoy this brief moment.

Purification of the soul and care of the skin

The effects of Ayurveda can be divided into two areas. Traditionally, the focus is on cleansing the soul. You should experience a deep relaxation. It is the central concern of this ancient healing art from India. Besides this almost spiritual cleansing, the massage also has a positive influence on your organism. First, tensions are released. In addition, the grips can stimulate the function of your organs and even slow down the aging process altogether. The oil also nourishes your skin and serves to cleanse the pores.

Relaxation after the massage

After the massage, you should take it easy for a while. After all, wellness does not end abruptly when the masseur finishes his work. Lie down for a while longer. If you wish, you can enjoy a gentle sauna bath. Although this is not a tradition in India, it will certainly increase the relaxation.

Gentle touch – great effect

The full body massage is very gentle and can be enjoyed by most people without any problems. However, if you suffer from a serious condition, you should still refrain from it. For example, if you are suffering from fever or are menstruating. In these cases, especially the warm oil can have a negative effect. So rather wait until you are completely healthy.

Wellness for body and mind

If you appreciate traditional medicine, you should try an Ayurvedic massage. It is wellness for body and mind. You can find experienced masseurs in every major city. Why don’t you ask at your favorite sauna bath? Before you book the treatment, be sure to talk to the masseur about the procedure. This will help you build trust and really enjoy the ceremony.


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