Whirlpool: Wellness oasis for outdoors

An outdoor hot tub is more than just a source of relaxation - it transforms your outdoor space into a true wellness oasis. With its ability to combine warm water and bubbling massage jets, a hot tub offers a variety of health and emotional benefits. Whether used as a retreat after a long day at work or as a gathering place for social evenings with friends and family, an outdoor hot tub promises luxury, comfort and relaxation in the midst of nature.

Whirlpool – wellness for home and garden

Just in the current time, many people long for relaxation and recovery. But just public wellness facilities can be visited at the moment only limited or not at all. Who would like to treat itself nevertheless Wellness, can do this however also at home: With an outdoor whirlpool, you not only design your garden luxuriously, but also get a wonderful opportunity to relax optimally after a long day.

Nevertheless, there are some things that need to be considered before buying. In addition, there is the consideration of hygienic aspects – and last but not least, the fulfillment of personal needs. We present everything important to you in more detail here.

Choosing the right outdoor whirlpool – what matters?

There are different reasons why it is worthwhile to decide to buy an outdoor whirlpool. On the one hand, outdoor operation eliminates the need for the costly installation of ventilation in the house. On the other hand, with the whirlpool you are in the middle of nature and fresh air. In order to be able to relax in an outdoor whirlpool, the respective model should, however, also fit one’s own wishes. To do this, it is first important to choose the right type of hot tub – you can find out which ones are available below.

Whirlpool Relaxation in the Hot Tub

The classic, simple version of a hot tub is the classic hot tub, which is equipped with several massage jets. Here, it’s less about the health aspect and more about fun and relaxation, which can be wonderfully enjoyed with your partner or friends. However, if health is important to you, it is best to opt for an outdoor whirlpool with various massage functions and programs. After all, a hot bath in the outdoor whirlpool can definitely relieve tension and ease muscle pain.

However, if you have a larger budget at your disposal, you can also choose the top of the line hot tub: Very high-quality outdoor hot tubs are equipped with colored light functions, temperature controllers, various massage programs and numerous other extras. Often, up to eight people can find space in a larger model. But no matter which product you choose: It is not the number of massage jets that matters, but rather how they are arranged, how intensively they work and what effect they have on our bodies.

Important aspects of a whirlpool: what to look for when buying?

Hygiene is also very important in an outdoor whirlpool. For this purpose, modern devices are usually equipped with a functional filter system. In most cases, it is even worth investing in an additional disinfection system to prevent the formation of viruses and germs.

However, the height of the user and also how many people are to use the whirlpool at the same time must be taken into account when buying. For people with small body size, practical seat cushions are offered, which compensate for the difference in size in the pool. If an outdoor whirlpool is too narrow, comfort will suffer – and the positive effects of the massage jets on the body will also be impaired. To adjust the water height, it should also be possible to flexibly regulate the amount of water.

Practical tips and useful accessories for the outdoor whirlpool

To protect your outdoor whirlpool from the weather and dirt in the long term when it is not in use, a suitable cover is a good idea. There are different solutions for this: From covers made of textile to plastic or solid panels that are lifted aside, there is something suitable for every need.

If an outdoor whirlpool is to be embedded in the patio floor, a rollable cover is recommended, which – when closed – also functions as a floor covering. Thus, if the hot tub is not in use at the moment, it disappears and does not take up unnecessary space on the surface. This is especially important in smaller gardens.

What is the cost of a hot tub?

The price range for whirlpools is wide and depends mainly on the equipment. The simplest variants are available from about 5,000 euros. With increasing functionality, however, the price can rise up to 15,000 euros. When buying, the energy costs must also be taken into account, which are not completely irrelevant, especially for an outdoor whirlpool.

Especially if it is not a particularly energy-efficient model with insufficient insulation, the water cools down faster. Then more energy must be spent to keep it at the desired temperature. So, in any case, it is worthwhile to rather opt for a high-quality model with excellent insulation. Usually, the extra expense for higher quality pays for itself after just a few years.

Wellness oasis at home: For whom is an outdoor whirlpool suitable?

Whether you simply want to enjoy a relaxing bath with your friends, romantic hours with your partner or a massage all to yourself – a massage bath in the form of an outdoor whirlpool is always a worthwhile investment. This can be placed both in the garden and on the terrace and enhances the outdoor area, especially visually. Thus, a hot tub is suitable for everyone who wants to take a break from everyday stress and switch off in peace sometimes.


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