Innovative water treatment in whirlpools: The use of ozone

The purity of the water in a whirlpool is crucial for a healthy and pleasant bathing experience. Innovative whirlpool systems use ozone systems, also known as ozonators, which are an effective and environmentally friendly method of water purification.
What is ozone and how does it work?
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What is ozone and how does it work?

Ozone is an interesting and unique molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms (O3). In contrast to the oxygen (O2) we are familiar with, which consists of two oxygen atoms and is essential for respiration, ozone has an additional oxygen atom. This structure gives ozone its strong oxidizing properties.

Ozone is formed by the splitting of oxygen molecules (O2) under the influence of ultraviolet radiation or electrical discharges, such as during thunderstorms. When an oxygen molecule is split, two individual oxygen atoms are formed. These individual atoms can then combine with unsplit O2 molecules to form ozone (O3).

This high oxidizing power of ozone makes it an effective agent for various applications, especially in water and air purification. It has the ability to neutralize microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and algae quickly and efficiently. Unlike conventional cleaning agents, ozone leaves no harmful by-products in the water, making it an environmentally friendly alternative.

The ozonator: the heart of the cleaning system

The ozonator is a central element of the whirlpool cleaning system. It continuously generates ozone in harmless concentrations and adds it to the water. This process usually takes place via electrical discharges that convert atmospheric oxygen into ozone. As soon as the ozone is added to the water, it immediately reacts with the impurities and effectively destroys them.

Advantages of ozone treatment

  • Effectiveness: Ozone is much more effective than conventional disinfectants such as chlorine. It reacts more quickly and reduces the need for chemical additives.
  • Environmentally friendly: As ozone is a naturally occurring gas, its use is an environmentally friendly alternative. It leaves no harmful residues in the water.
  • Health friendly: Unlike chlorine, which can cause skin and eye irritation, ozone is gentler on the human body and causes no such side effects.

Safety and health aspects

When using ozone in whirlpools, safety and health care are paramount. Although pure ozone in high concentrations poses health risks, the amount used in whirlpools is deliberately kept low and is therefore harmless. Modern ozone generators are specially designed to produce the ideal amount of ozone. This amount is sufficient to clean the water efficiently without affecting the user’s health.

Combining ozone with other cleaning methods

Ozone is already a very effective cleaning agent on its own, but it is often used together with small amounts of chlorine or other disinfectants to maximize the cleaning effect. This combined use provides additional safety and ensures that the water always remains clear and safe.


Integrating an ozone system into hot tubs is an innovative and efficient method of water purification that is both environmentally and health conscious. This technology ensures consistently high water quality, reduces environmental pollution and health risks. This makes the whirlpool a safe and restful retreat for relaxation and well-being.


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