Salt scrub: it all depends on the ingredients

The right salt scrub in the sauna is a real boon for the skin. The most important thing is the right ingredients of the salt scrub.
Salt scrub in the sauna with the right ingredients

Salt scrub in the sauna with the right ingredients

The healing properties of salt have been appreciated for several centuries. Coarse-grained sea salt especially helps to promote blood circulation in the skin. In addition, the skin texture is also visually improved by the right salt scrub.

Use of the beneficial properties of salt through a salt scrub

Anyone who has already performed exfoliation in the shower, knows that it has many beneficial properties on the skin. It is quite the same with a scrub made from sea salt. This is particularly coarse-grained. Thus, it removes residues on the skin and opens the pores. On the upper layer of the skin, we all have dead skin cells. The sea salt eliminates them. Therefore, the skin feels much softer and more delicate after exfoliation. With a salt peeling in the sauna, the positive properties of sea salt can also be used there.

The salt peeling in the sauna

Before the salt peeling, an infusion takes place first. This stimulates the production of sweat. After that, a special sauna salt is used. This also has a diaphoretic effect. Sweating thoroughly cleanses the skin. Toxins and pollutants can be released through the skin. After that, the actual salt peeling takes place. In this, the entire body is rubbed with a special sauna salt. This promotes blood circulation. After peeling, the skin is much rosier and softer.

Treatment of rough skin areas with salt scrubs

Many people have rough skin, especially on the feet or elbows. A good way to treat these rough spots lies in the salt scrub. The salt scrub effectively treats these rough spots. To do this, it removes the dead skin cells. It also significantly stimulates the production of new, softer skin cells. Significant improvements are noticeable after just a few applications. The skin becomes softer and more tender.

The right ingredients in salt scrub

In the case of sauna salt, there are many types. When buying, should definitely pay attention to the right ingredients. Because only with these can the treatment be carried out properly. Depending on the skin type, attention should be paid to different ingredients. The main component of sauna salt is usually sea salt. This is contained in various grain sizes in the sauna salt.

Often, for example, the salt from the Dead Sea is used as the sauna salt. In addition, certain nourishing oils are added. These care for the skin even more. It also creates a pleasant scent on the skin. For example, the following substances are suitable as additives for a salt scrub: Rose oil, almond oil, orange blossom oil, eucalyptus or lavender oil.

Salt scrubs – also ideal for people with sensitive skin or skin diseases.

A salt infusion in a sauna, as described, consists only of natural ingredients. Therefore, they can be used even by people with sensitive skin. They also have a positive effect on the skin with them. Salt scrubs can also have positive effects for people with neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, or acne.

With the right ingredients, a significant improvement of the skin

If the right, natural ingredients are included in a salt scrub, significant improvements to the skin can occur. The most important thing is that the ingredients of the salt scrub suit your own skin type. If this is not the case, the best possible effect cannot occur. So before buying the salt scrub, be sure to find out the right ingredients for your own skin.

Then nothing can go wrong with the actual salt scrub. Especially pleasant is the salt scrub, then in the sauna. The additional sweating before the actual peeling also allows the skin to be cleansed most effectively. This is so not possible with the salt scrub in the shower. So it’s best to just try it out and be convinced of the effect!

All it takes is a little salt on the skin and high temperatures to cleanse the skin and provide good circulation. Grab a handful of “white gold” and off to the sauna!

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