Thai massage

Thai massage consists of passive stretching movements, joint mobilization and pressure point massages. The Far Eastern relaxation method is applied intensively to the entire body.
Thai massage for body and mind

Thai massage is healing and relaxing

A Thai massage rounds off your sauna day perfectly. After relaxing, let yourself be kneaded once again. In this way, even the last tensions that could not be fought by the heat will be released. With the Thai massage however not only simply their muscles are kneaded. The masseurs also stretch their ligaments. The techniques are borrowed from yoga. The advantage here is that they lie comfortably and do not have to contort themselves. We tell you everything you need to know about this technique and what it can do for you.

Thai massage for body and mind

As the name suggests, Thai massage originates from Thailand and has a centuries-old tradition there. For the people there, it is part of everyday life. You can get a massage at almost every corner there. In the tourism industry in the Asian country, it is offered in a modified form. But don’t worry, most providers in Germany are reputable. The massage here has nothing to do with the stories you may have heard. Rather, the massage is very healthy for body and mind. The ancient Thai even claims that it can relieve tinnitus and sleep disorders.

Deep relaxation through oil aromas

Unlike traditional massage, masseurs do not simply knead you. They treat individual local pressure points. In this way, the inside of the body is also positively influenced. That is why Thai massage is not necessarily an oil massage. However, its relaxing effect can be increased by the oil aroma. The special herbal essences reach your brain directly through your nose. You will experience a wonderful, deep relaxation.

Pressure massage promotes blood circulation

The masseurs work the various points either with their hands, elbows, or even their knees. This looks very unfamiliar to many at first. But don’t worry, it doesn’t cause pain. On the contrary, it is very beneficial. This pressure massage stimulates the blood circulation in the respective areas and relaxes your muscles. In addition, it stimulates your metabolism and helps your body get rid of toxins.

Stretching for health

Once the pressure points have been worked on, it’s on to stretching and stretching. Again, the massage therapist works with his or her entire body weight for the benefit of the patient. Stretching in particular can be very effective in relaxing your muscles. The movements are based on various yoga positions and also have roughly the same effect. Used regularly, your posture can improve.

Stretching and rotating your spine

Twisting movements and stretching your spine are in some cases further intensified by a strong pull. It’s likely that your joints will crack properly as a result. And that is a good thing. With these actions, the masseur ensures that you become more mobile. Even this does not work the first time. But if you pamper yourself regularly, you will feel a significant difference.

Counteract cellulite

The masseur will also always lift your legs to unusual heights during the procedure. This additionally improves blood circulation. It also stimulates the flow of lymph. In this respect, a Thai massage can even counteract the dreaded cellulite.

Physical well-being

The mindful touches have an overall positive effect, especially on the psyche. You feel cared for, and physical well-being sets in. To experience this, however, you must be open to the technique. You must not tense up during the massage, otherwise it will be of no use.

Resting after the Thai massage

And this openness pays off. After the procedure, you will feel like a newborn. All pressure points of your body have been worked on, muscles have been stretched and joints are also back in the right place. Even after the first time, you will notice that your back pain has decreased significantly. In addition, you will probably feel pleasantly tired. Give in to this feeling. Go to the relaxation area of the bath. Chill out for a while. If you fall asleep in the process, there is nothing wrong with that.

Massages in many tourist places

In tourist places, these massages are also often offered in busy pedestrian areas. You should take these offers with a grain of salt. For one thing, the women who work there are not particularly well-trained. Their knowledge of massage techniques is rudimentary at best. Secondly, these small studios lack the possibility to relax after the Thai massage. They immediately go back to the stress of the big city. So the whole effect is gone in no time.

Full body massage in wellness baths

Today, you can experience this full body massage in most of the big wellness spas. The masseurs who work there are all well-trained and work seriously. They know how to apply each technique and make you feel comfortable. Traditionally, the ritual lasts 1.5 hours. However, shortened versions are also offered. About half an hour should be enough to really relax. If you don’t want to combine this experience with a visit to the sauna, you can also look for a studio in your city. Talk to the people who work there and see if this facility is right for you.

Thai massage – for your well-being

If you are going to engage in this ancient ritual, you should know that you will be lightly clothed during it. It is in the nature of things that you touch masseurs. If you don’t have any problems with that, you should just try the experiment. You will see, you will feel much better afterward.


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