What is a brine bath?

There are many people who appreciate a brine bath. A brine bath not only provides well-being, but also has positive effects on the skin, muscles, back and joints. It also has a calming effect on mental and emotional well-being.
Bathing in water enriched with salt

Brine bath for detoxification and mineral absorption

What is a brine bath? You’ve probably heard of it before. Brine is an all-rounder, and many beneficial properties are attributed to brine. We will explain to you exactly what this is all about.

Brine seems to be a real miracle cure. Even conventional medicine uses the liquid in some therapies. Above all, spas advertise the salty water, which is said to alleviate all sorts of illnesses. But is brine as good as its reputation? We have investigated and provide you with the answers. We also explain how you can use the effect at home.

What is a brine?

Behind the name, brine is in principle nothing more than salty water. To bear this name, the salt content must be at least 14 grams per kilogram of water. By the way, a maximum of 260 grams of salt can be dissolved in liquid. In spas, the content of white gold is usually indicated. The stronger it is, the more benefits a bath brings.

But how does the brine actually get into the basin?

This salt water is stored deep underground. To transport it to the top, a deep hole is drilled. Nowadays, the liquid itself is delivered to its destination by means of pumps. Incidentally, in order to become a health resort with the addition of a spa, a municipality in Germany must prove, among other things, that it has such a brine deposit.

In many places, the warm water is piped directly into the pools of the spas. As a rule, it no longer needs to be additionally heated. In a few cases, operators even cool the salty water. Another side note: Even the table salt in the supermarket is often obtained from this salt water. If the liquid dries, the spicy crystals remain. In the past, the sun did this job. Today, this is done in highly technical plants.

What is a brine bath good for?

A brine bath has many positive properties. For example, people have attributed a relaxing effect to it for centuries. But this is probably only due to the pleasantly warm water, which relieves tension. However, scientists proved a long time ago that a brine bath actually benefits health.

A brine bath relieves skin problems

Since a bath is an external application, the effect unfolds mainly on the skin. Thanks to its disinfecting effect, the brine alleviates skin problems of all kinds. Patients suffering from neurodermatitis in particular benefit from its use. In a combination with UV light, the cost of brine baths is even reimbursed by health insurance.

But brine is not only good for the skin. Doctors also recommend a bath when there is inflammation of the respiratory tract. The fine vapors hit the bronchial tubes directly and develop their antibacterial effect there. Inflammations have been shown to subside earlier. It also makes it easier to breathe.

Relief for rheumatic disease

Another well-known application of brine is the relief of rheumatic diseases. Patients report a significant improvement in their general condition after the baths. Above all, the pain decreases. However, a direct connection with the brine is disputed. True, the natural product has an anti-inflammatory effect. However, it is not absorbed through the respiratory tract in particularly large quantities. So, according to some experts, patients benefit mostly from exercise in warm water. The situation is different with a drinking cure. Here, sufficient salt enters the body to develop its effect there.

Why is brine good for the skin?

The effect of the brine comes mainly from its salt content. The white crystals are able to relieve inflammation. This is generally due to the fact that salt is antiseptic. In addition, the natural product has the ability to pull toxins from the skin. The combination of these two effects makes the brine a natural miracle cure for skin problems. But even people who do not suffer from such problems benefit from the application. The skin texture improves in general thanks to the ability to extract toxins. Above all, the tone increases – and wrinkles are reduced a little.

Brine bath for home

To enjoy a brine bath, you don’t have to go to the spa at all. If you wish, you can take the healing effect home. All you need for this is bath salts. With it, you make a salt solution, which develops similar effects as the thermal water. In principle, you could also use simple table salt. However, bath salts are cheaper and easier to dissolve. With table salt, they would first have to make a solution: To do this, simply boil water and stir in the salt. For a full bath, you should use about 100 grams of salt.

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Note: Although a brine bath has many benefits, you should not use it if you have heart or circulatory problems. Consult your doctor in such cases.

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