Out of the daily routine, into the sauna

How to enhance the sauna experience

The sauna is healthy and relaxing: It trains the immune system, wards off colds and you look better. In addition, there are a few things you can do to enhance the sauna experience even more. Learn how to enhance the sauna experience here.

Exfoliating gloves: the indispensable tool for a skin care ritual

What is an exfoliating glove?

Today, in the long aisles of cosmetics departments and on the virtual shelves of online stores, you can find numerous products for skin care. One of them, which has gained popularity in recent years, is the exfoliating glove. But what is this mysterious tool actually, and how does it work?

The typical hammam in Turkey is a place of communication

Sauna culture in Turkey

Turkey is known for its rich culture, breathtaking scenery and impressive prehistory. Besides all these facets, the country also has a fascinating sauna culture to offer. In Turkey, sauna bathing has a long tradition that dates back to ancient times.

Enjoy magical moments

What does sauna have to do with magic?

Magic stands for a secret art that achieves a result with the help of “supernatural” powers. However, this is an abstract expression. Philosophers, on the other hand, associate magic with religion, mythology and esotericism.

Relaxation methods against stress

Relaxation methods against stress

Relaxation methods for body and mind. There are very many relaxation techniques that we can use as a balance for professional or private demands. Some of them can be easily integrated into the daily work routine.

Hot tubs: How healthy are they really?

How healthy is a stay in the hot tub?

Switching off and relaxing is a renewing experience in itself. The pleasure is even increased in a whirlpool: in the warm water, water jets gently massage the back. Unfortunately, bacteria and germs also feel at home in warm water and multiply.

Hot Stone Massage - This is how relaxing the massage technique really is

Hot Stone Massage

What ancient Chinese healing knowledge is in the hot stone massages? Massage with hot stones has a very long tradition. From distant lands, this massage art was passed down 2000 years ago.

Pantai Luar Massage - A touch of exoticism

Pantai Luar Massage

Pantai Luar is Indonesian and means “on new shores”. During this massage the masseur uses herbal stamps with essential oils. The aim of the application is to stimulate blood circulation. Muscle tensions are thus released and the psychological well-being is increased.

What is a Lomi Lomi Nui massage?

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

Lomi Lomi Nui is a Hawaiian temple massage and promises relaxation for the whole body. The massage is designed to relieve stress blockages and tension. The masseurs work not only with their hands, but also with the forearms and elbows.