Pantai Luar Massage

Pantai Luar is Indonesian and means "on new shores". During this massage the masseur uses herbal stamps with essential oils. The aim of the application is to stimulate blood circulation. Muscle tensions are thus released and the psychological well-being is increased.
Pantai Luar Massage - A touch of exoticism

What is a Pantai Luar massage?

The Pantai Luar massage takes you to new shores, because that is exactly what the Indonesian name means. The massage promises a vitalizing effect on body and mind. At the same time, the high-quality oils ensure that your skin is regenerated. For several years now, you no longer have to travel to Asia to experience the relaxing ceremony. Most large wellness temples and some specialized practices now offer it. We will familiarize you with the Pantai Luar massage and describe the procedure in detail. You will also learn what effects the ritual has on your body.

Pantai Luar massage – A Touch of Exoticism

Like many other wellness ceremonies, the Pantai Luar massage is already several thousand years old. It originates from the East Asian region, probably Indonesia. The scholars must have closely observed the body and the rhythm of life. From this knowledge they developed the technique and improved it over generations. A few years ago, the historic ritual found its way to us in the Western world – and is slowly beginning to take hold. And for good reason. Their trademark stamps are dipped in hot oil. They always give off a hint of the exotic, and you embark on a wonderful journey.

Massage with essential scents

The cocktail of scents in the stamps in the stamps will relax you. Traditionally, turmeric, black sesame, cinnamon, tamarind, berries, ginger, and kafir leaves are used. From them, the masseur prepares a special oil. It is heated and the stamps are soaked with the liquid. The heat ensures that the valuable ingredients can penetrate well into the skin. The herbs will boost your metabolism and thus kick-start the regeneration process in the body. However, the stamps themselves do not fail to have an effect. They are designed to remove dead skin scales during the treatment.

Activation of self-healing powers and happiness hormones

They simulate, so to speak, burning of the skin without causing pain and wounds. The trick is that the nerve cells are tricked. They assume that serious damage is being done to the body. This, in turn, gets the self-healing powers going. The organism begins to renew the skin. At the same time it will release happiness hormones. This effect does not last only for a short moment. You will notice that you leave the massage practice exhilarated and full of energy.

Wellness with health benefits

In addition, the ceremony has been proven to strengthen your immune system and the herbal stamp massage stimulates your blood circulation. In this respect, the massage technique is not merely wellness. It has immense benefits for your health. By the way, it is also healthy if your mental well-being is increased. When you feel good, your body also copes better with pathogens. It also alleviates conditions like high blood pressure and incidentally helps you lose weight. Simply because your psyche is doing well.

Procedure of the classic Pantai Luar massage

The procedure of the full body massage always follows a traditional sequence. The masseur first massages you with the gently warmed oils. Then he also heats the stamp in the substances to 120 degrees (248 °F). This sounds very hot. But don’t panic, the professional knows what he is doing. You will not feel any pain. You will rest deeply relaxed on the soft couch and enjoy the ritual. The exotic scent of herbs will caress you. The masseur will tap your body with the stamps in quick alternation. Over time, the movements will become slower and more intense.

Supporting the massage with sauna bathing

If you wish, you can also try a variation of the classic Pantai Luar massage – the spice-fruit stamp massage. For this, the masseur additionally uses essences of lime and coconut. Two ethereal scents that have a stimulating and relaxing effect on the body at the same time. After the ceremony, you should stay for a while in the rest area of the practice. Only in this way can the full effect unfold. After this short break, however, there is nothing to be said against a relaxing bath in the sauna. The pleasant warmth can even support the positive effects.

Pantai Luar massage also for hypertension

In principle, everyone can enjoy a Pantai Luar massage. However, pregnant women should talk to their doctor beforehand. People with high blood pressure or other coronary diseases can also put themselves in the hands of a masseur without hesitation. If you are suffering from fever or are currently menstruating, you must wait until you are fully recovered. The heat could negatively affect the healing process.

Providers of Pantai Luar massage

You can find providers, as mentioned, mainly in large cities or in large wellness temples. Here work physiotherapists who have trained in this exotic technique. And this is exactly what you should pay attention to. Very hot liquids are used in this ceremony. The handling of these substances must be learned, otherwise there is a risk of burns. For this reason, you should not try the technique at home. It is better to let a professional do it. It’s thus much more relaxing to let yourself be pampered by all the rules of the kind at once, isn’t it?

Take time for your health

But if you have found an experienced masseur, you should definitely try this exotic ceremony. You will be taken on a journey to distant lands and experience an ancient tradition on your own body. Your health will thank you.


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