Wellness for the stressed winter skin

Especially the icy winter air is a particular burden for the skin. Brittle, dry or even cracked skin needs extra care in winter. What can be done about it?
Wellness moments for winter skin

Wellness moments for winter skin

Wellness for stressed winter skin. The skin represents the largest sensory organ of the human being. That is why it needs good care. A healthy skin owes this condition to various treatment methods. These include both external and internal skin care. In different seasons, the uneven skin parts claim different wellness rituals.

However, winter is one of the seasons that stresses the skin the most. It suffers from the extreme temperature fluctuations. The constant change from a warm room to the icy cold creates feelings of tension or dry skin. For this reason, stressed winter skin is happy about an extra portion of wellness. Steam baths, massages, sauna visits as well as body scrubs represent beneficial wellness treatments.

The power of a soothing body scrub

Body scrubs act as a valuable wellness ritual for stressed winter skin. The body’s skin cells undergo a regular renewal process. However, this process slows down with increasing age. That’s why a body peeling boosts skin renewal. Gentle exfoliating grains remove dead skin cells. They also stimulate blood circulation. Furthermore, the skin absorbs body oils and skin care creams better. During the peeling the drainage of the lymph nodes takes place.

Apart from the benefits for the skin, body peeling is a beneficial treatment for the spirit. It brings people back to the present. Meanwhile, they enjoy the present moment. The fragrance, the massage and the associated time out represents a diversified care for stressed winter skin and the spirit.

Application: Peeling in the sauna

  • Start with a few sauna sessions until you start to sweat. Only then the pores have opened and the skin is ready for the upcoming peeling.
  • Once the skin has become warm and moist, the sauna scrub can be applied. To avoid damaging the sauna benches in the Finnish sauna, you will often be asked to temporarily leave the sauna to apply the scrub. There are usually no problems with application in the tiled steam sauna.
  • The scrub should be massaged into the skin using circular motions. Leave the face out of this process, as the grain of the body scrub is usually too coarse for finer areas of skin.
  • Leave the scrub in the heat for a few minutes. However, the following rules apply to the salt: As soon as the skin tightens or feels painful, it must be removed.
  • Remove the sauna scrub completely from your skin with clean water. You do not need to use a shower gel or soap at this point, as your skin is well cleansed by sweating.
  • Take care of your skin after the sauna peeling as follows: After the last sauna session, use moisturizing lotions or body oils to complete the skin wellness routine. Tip. Allow yourself a long relaxation period before applying the care so that your skin is completely dried and the care can be absorbed well.


Benefits of a full body massage

Massages stretch, loosen and strengthen the muscles. This process in turn tightens the skin. Furthermore, full body massages stimulate blood circulation. A classical massage is composed of different grips. The first step is stroking the upper layer of the epidermis. This process stimulates blood circulation in the skin. The second step is kneading. Then the full body massage ends with shaking and tapping. This loosens the muscles, which in turn benefits stressed winter skin.

Steam baths offer relaxation for stressed winter skin

Steam baths offer stressed winter skin an excellent relaxation alternative. As a rule, the soothing herbs help clear the respiratory tract. In addition, they open the skin pores. This in turn results in a relaxation of the muscles. Furthermore, a steam bath promotes blood circulation. Meanwhile, steam bath devotees are spoiled for choice between the following types:

  • Caladarium, the humidity is 100 percent, but opens almost every single skin pore.
  • Tepidarium is characterized by a comfortable room temperature, ranging from 100,4 °F to 104 °F.
  • Tylarium represents a combination of a Finnish sauna and the ordinary steam bath.
  • Brine steam bath is a real boon for the skin, as salt water evaporates during this type of relaxation.
  • Herbal steam bath pampers stressed winter skin.


The positive effects of sauna on stressed winter skin

Taking a sauna is always a benefit for the largest sensory organ of the human body. Stressed winter skin benefits in many ways from regular saunas. The skin texture improves visibly. Furthermore, going to the sauna achieves a mild anti-aging effect. The heat improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Circulation booster sauna

Heavy sweating in the sauna stimulates blood circulation and improves the nutrient supply of stressed winter skin many times over. In addition, the heat protects the skin barrier. In the winter season, the skin needs a strong barrier more than ever. Furthermore, regular saunas help delay skin dehydration. Sauna baths regulate the oil content of the skin surface from within. Body lotions as well as body oils do not have this ability. They cannot penetrate deep enough into the skin to produce this effect.

Winter is pure stress for the skin

In winter, the skin reacts in a stressed way. It is always covered with clothing. As a result, it produces more sebum. Bacteria and dirt particles accumulate. The sauna washes away these unwanted troublemakers with the help of heat. This internal and pore-deep cleansing leaves the entire complexion looking rosier and fresher.

Sauna is an optimal therapy for stressed winter skin, because it gets to the root of the problem. Unlike superficial creams, it does not only eliminate the unwanted symptom. Both dry and oily skin types benefit from regular sauna sessions. The heat regulates moisture balance. Sauna baths transform stressed winter skin into a smooth complexion.

Pay attention to moisture balance from the inside

Cold weather greatly dries out the skin. Therefore, in winter, just like in summer, it depends on an adequate supply of moisture. People who regularly visit the sauna should immediately compensate for the high fluid loss. Water or unsweetened teas provide an excellent fluid balance. A large majority automatically make sure to drink enough fluids in the summer. However, most individuals forget the importance of regulating hydration levels in the winter. Sufficient hydration increases the moisture of the skin. It effectively protects it from drying out.

Salt sauna: salty air and mild temperatures

Salty room air and moderate air temperatures – this climate makes the salt sauna an absolute wellness trend for the skin. You can completely relax and calmly breathe in the salty air obtained from special salt plates from the Himalayas. At a pleasant temperature of 104° to 140 °F, even those who do not prefer the hot Finnish sauna will get their money’s worth. Mucous membranes and respiratory tract immediately feel the beneficial effect – and the skin also becomes pleasantly soft. The salt sauna is especially recommended for people with respiratory or skin diseases. Comparable to a stay in a salt cave or a vacation at the sea, the salt air in the salt sauna is said to clear the nose and soothe the skin.

Wellness products for the home

With a wellness weekend, they bring body and soul back into harmony. You don’t have to travel far to do this, you can also do it in the comfort of your own home. The editors have put together the best wellness products here, for you.


Aroma bath

To make a relaxing bath perfect, you need a bath additive. This should fit to the respective skin type. For dry skin, bath oils are a good choice.

Angebot tetesept Bäder Geschenkset Bademomente – Badezusatz...

Body scrub

After a body peeling, the skin feels wonderfully fresh and soft again. How about a coffee scrub? This has a vitalizing effect on the skin. Here we tell you how to make a coffee scrub yourself.

Haslinger Aloe Vera Körperpeeling

Massage oil

Aromatic body oils have a soothing, warming and often pain-relieving effect. These massage oils should be applied to slightly damp skin after bathing.

Angebot Kneipp Massageöl Set, 3X20 ml

Wellness Tea

Certain types of tea can work wonders. They have a decongestant effect and help against premenstrual disorders. Some tea varieties even have a euphoric effect.

Wellness Tee Winterfit 250g


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