What is an exfoliating glove?

Today, in the long aisles of cosmetics departments and on the virtual shelves of online stores, you can find numerous products for skin care. One of them, which has gained popularity in recent years, is the exfoliating glove. But what is this mysterious tool actually, and how does it work?
Exfoliating gloves: the indispensable tool for a skin care ritual
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Exfoliating gloves: the indispensable tool for a skin care ritual

The Hammam ritual has been an integral part of many cultures for centuries and is known for its relaxing and cleansing effects. A central component of this ritual, which is also popular today in modern showers and bathrooms, is the exfoliating glove. This versatile accessory is more than just a cleansing tool – it has a triple action: it cleanses, refines and massages the skin.

  • Thorough cleansing: The special texture of the exfoliating mitt removes dead skin cells, sebum and dirt. Whether made of natural fibers or synthetic materials, the exfoliating mitt gently rubs over the skin’s surface, promoting circulation and ridding the skin of impurities. The result is thoroughly cleansed skin that feels fresh and revitalized.
  • Velvety soft skin: the exfoliating glove removes dead skin cells and makes the skin not only clean, but also velvety soft. Regular use promotes skin renewal as it stimulates the formation of new skin cells. It also allows the skin to better absorb moisturizers and other skin care products, resulting in better hydration and overall softer, smoother skin.
  • Relaxing massage: The massage function of the exfoliating glove is often underestimated. The circular motions required to apply the glove simultaneously have a massaging effect on the skin. This massage can relieve tension and provide a feeling of relaxation that lasts well beyond the shower or bath time.

The origins

The origins of exfoliating gloves go back a long way and are deeply rooted in various traditions and cultures. They are particularly well known in Turkish hammams, where they are known as “kese.” Hammams, also called Turkish baths, are a central part of Turkish lifestyle and social culture. Here, the exfoliating glove, which is simply pulled over the hand, serves as an important skin care tool.

By gently rubbing it over the skin, dead skin cells are removed, leaving the skin smoother and more radiant. This process is not only for aesthetic beautification, but also has hygienic and health benefits. Over time, these exfoliation practices spread beyond the borders of Turkey and were adopted and adapted by different cultures, with the original “kese” glove remaining a source of inspiration.

How does it work?

The exfoliating glove is a simple yet effective skin care tool made of rough natural fibers or synthetic materials. These materials provide the perfect consistency to gently but effectively treat the top layer of skin. When applied to still damp skin, the glove is used to make circular motions that not only promote circulation, but also remove impurities and dead skin cells.

This process leaves the skin looking fresh and revitalized, while the rough fibers of the glove are such that they do not injure the skin. Regular use of an exfoliating glove helps improve the appearance of the skin and promotes a healthy skin feeling. It is a traditional and at the same time modern method of body care, suitable for different skin types.

The correct use of an exfoliating glove

The proper use of an exfoliating glove is basically quite simple, but there are some specific points you should keep in mind. Here are the most important tips:

  • Always use the exfoliating mitt in the shower or bathtub; it should never be used on dry skin without water.
  • Soften your skin under warm water first to loosen impurities and dead skin cells. A good place to start is to wash your hair first, as the lather this creates is ideal for preparing your skin for exfoliation.
  • Put a small amount of shower gel on the exfoliating glove and use it to massage the arms, legs, feet, buttocks, abdomen, chest and back in gentle, circular motions.
  • Avoid shaving the skin immediately before exfoliation, as it may be particularly susceptible to irritation from the exfoliating mitt in this state. Instead, it is advisable to shave after exfoliation.
  • The exfoliating mitt should not be used for the face or neck, as the skin there is particularly sensitive and could be damaged by the exfoliating mitt. A milder chemical peel would be better for these sensitive areas.

Advantages and disadvantages

Using an exfoliating glove comes with both advantages and some disadvantages. Among the advantages is the ease of use, which allows anyone to perform effective skin care at home. Since the glove is made of natural materials, it also offers an eco-friendly approach to skin care. By gently rubbing it on the skin, the glove can successfully remove dead skin cells, resulting in smoother and more radiant skin.

However, there are also disadvantages that need to be considered. Excessive pressure or too frequent use of the glove can irritate the skin or even cause micro injuries. For this reason, it is essential to use the glove according to the instructions and with caution to achieve optimal results without damaging the skin. A cautious approach and knowledge of one’s skin type can maximize the benefits of the exfoliating glove and minimize any potential drawbacks.

Exfoliating glove: choosing the right material for your skin

Whether made of natural fibers like hemp, sisal, loofah, cotton or synthetic material, the choice of exfoliating glove depends on your skin type. The more sensitive your skin is, the gentler the material should be. Here’s an overview of common materials:

  • Bamboo: Bamboo fibers are known for their antibacterial properties, plus they are breathable and durable, making them suitable for a variety of skin types.
  • Viscose: As a natural pulp, viscose is particularly gentle on the skin, making it a good choice for people with sensitive skin.
  • Hemp: For more robust areas of skin, such as the arms, legs or back, the slightly rougher exfoliating hemp glove is ideal. However, if you have sensitive skin, avoid these gloves or skip certain areas.
  • Sisal: Sisal fibers extracted from the leaves of the agave plant revitalize and thoroughly cleanse the skin. Sisal gloves come in a variety of thicknesses, from fine to coarse.
  • Loofah: The fibers of this perennial climbing plant, known for its yellow flowers and green fruits, provide a gentle exfoliating option that softens the skin. However, loofah is generally not suitable for the face.
  • Nylon: these synthetic gloves are often elastic and can fit any size hand. They create a gentle lather when used with shower cream and can be used for both the body and face. However, they are not sustainable compared to natural fibers.

So, when choosing the right exfoliating glove, it is crucial to consider your skin type and match the materials to your individual needs.


The exfoliating glove is proof that beauty and skin care don’t have to be complicated or expensive. With its ease of use and noticeable results, it is a worthwhile addition to any skin care routine. As with all products, application should be thoughtful to achieve the best possible results.

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