Hot Stone Massage

What ancient Chinese healing knowledge is in the hot stone massages? Massage with hot stones has a very long tradition. From distant lands, this massage art was passed down 2000 years ago.
Hot Stone Massage - This is how relaxing the massage technique really is

Hot Stone Massage – This is how relaxing the massage technique really is

Hot stone massage tries to relieve your tensions with hot stones. By the way, it is also suitable for those people who do not like to be touched by others. Basically, the procedure consists of placing the stones on your back. We will explain to you in this article how exactly this is done.

We also want to show you what positive effect the hot stone massage has on your body. In addition, you will see that you can apply the method relatively easily at home. More beautiful, of course, is a treatment in your favorite sauna temple. So you can relax wonderfully in the pleasant warmth afterward.

Where does the hot stone massage come from?

The origin of hot stone massage is not easy to clarify. Hot stones were and are used in many cultures. German providers often refer to the Indian origin of the procedure, in America it is claimed that the method originated in Sweden. It is more likely that the origin lies in Asia. In Hawaii, too, the natives have been swearing by the technique for thousands of years.

There they used hot stones made of lava. What is certain is that today, massage is very popular among friends of wellness – and for good reason. It is one of the most effective methods to relieve tension throughout the body.

Hot volcanic stones are used here?

To achieve this, hot stones of up to 135 °F are used. In a professional practice, the masseur heats them in a water bath. He will carefully make sure that the volcanic stones do not get too hot. They should be warm enough to work. But the feeling should not be unpleasant for the patient either.

You have the choice whether you want a full body massage or only individual parts of the body are treated. Depending on this, different sized stones are used. The parts of the body that are to be treated must be undressed. You as the patient lie down comfortably on a couch.

Now it is time to relax and enjoy

The masseur will also place some stones under you. They are hard, but this is not unpleasant at all. Then the rest of the stones are placed on your body. One focus is on the spine. After all, most patients suffer from a lot of tension in this area. But other areas are also included.

Now it is time for you to relax and enjoy. The pleasant warmth will do the rest. The masseur can support this treatment with various scented oils. So the worries of everyday life are quickly forgotten. It may well happen that you fall asleep during the treatment. Just allow it to happen.

Puncturing stones for deep-seated tensions

Once the stones have cooled down, the hot stone massage goes even further – if you wish. The masseur uses special puncturing stones to work on individual areas of the body. By tapping, he tries to release particularly deep-seated tensions. Certain reflex zones can also be treated with the technique. A good masseur will have a detailed conversation with you beforehand.

Tell him where you have the worst complaints. The professional will then tailor the treatment entirely to your needs. A procedure usually lasts 75 minutes. Some providers also have shorter programs on offer. The procedure is similar in principle.

True deep relaxation through warm stone massage

You will be amazed by the effect of warm stone massage. After all, warmth is the key to true deep relaxation – we sauna fans have known that for a long time. The tensions in the body are released. Afterward, you will feel that you can move much better. Because it’s not just your back that has benefited from the treatment.

Every muscle has enjoyed a pleasant rest and gained new strength. Movement pain is forgotten for several weeks after just one treatment. If you enjoy the procedure regularly, you will effectively prevent muscle stiffness. Experts recommend using the warm stone massage once a month. More, however, does no harm – quite the opposite.

Digestion and metabolism are boosted

But the pleasant procedure can do much more for you than just relieve muscle tension. Studies have shown that the hot stones also boost digestion and metabolism – helping you lose weight. In addition, the heat helps the body remove toxins and it boosts lymphatic flow. Both are good for your tissues.

After all, harmful substances cause the dreaded cellulite. If the body is helped to dispose of them, the dimples may even disappear. When you get a massage, your mind also relaxes. In this respect, the ritual can help you fight sleep disorders.

Rest is a part of hot stone massage

Massage with hot stones is now offered by most wellness temples. Physiotherapists learn the method in their training. In this respect, you should have no problems finding a suitable masseur. Combine this pleasant experience with a visit to the sauna. First, you should sweat profusely and then put yourself in the hands of the masseur.

After the treatment with the hot stones, you have the opportunity to rest extensively. This is something you should never do without. This rest is part of the hot stone massage. Only in this way you can enjoy all the positive effects. In any case, you should not go home directly after the treatment.

Hot stone massage at home

If you wish, you can treat yourself to such a treatment at home. Sets with stones can be bought on the net or in specialized stores. They are heated either in a water bath or in the oven. However, you can not do the procedure alone. Ask your partner to place the stones on your back. Even though this alone is very relaxing, you will enjoy the full effect only in a professional practice. Finally, it is also part of the ritual to treat individual parts of the body again intensively.

Conclusion of the editorship

If you want to really relax, this method is just right for you. It uses heat to relieve tension. Some will be pleased that the masseur will touch you very little during this treatment. In this respect, it is also the optimal technique, for those who want to get a massage for the first time.


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