11 anti-stress massage techniques

A soulful massage is truly a pleasure and offers many health benefits for the body and mind. We have taken a closer look at the most popular types of massage.

The best 11 massages for body and mind

Massages for body and mind. You can enjoy massages in almost every wellness temple. It’s no longer just about being kneaded. The experience is in the foreground. To achieve this, masseurs have learned techniques from all over the world. But customers are often left baffled. What is behind all these dazzling terms? We took a close look at the matter. We’ll tell you what’s behind the most popular massages – and whether it’s worth it. Above all, we want to take away your fear of trying something new. It is important to us that you find the technique that really relaxes you.

1. Classic massage

But let’s start with a very simple thing: the classic massage. This is about your tense muscles, especially the ones in your back. The masseur will work on each affected part with trained grips. He will knead the muscles until they are soft again. Admittedly, during the massage, it can be a little pulling. Especially if the professional is working on a particularly tense area. But you can’t put a price on the feeling afterward. All those annoying tensions that were so painful before have been loosened. In certain cases, by the way, even the health insurance covers this treatment.

2. Thai massage

Thai massage is a combination of ancient techniques. The masseurs use many stretching positions and movements. They were all taken from classical yoga. In addition, the teaching assumes that ten energy lines run through the body. They are worked with gentle pressure with the heel of the hand, thumb or elbow. Sometimes the feet are also used. Don’t be afraid. At first glance, this looks very martial. But the masseurs know exactly what they are doing. Traditionally, such massages last at least 1.5 hours. However, many wellness temples also offer a short version. Already after half an hour you notice a clear improvement.

3. Hot stone massage

With the Hot Stone Massage, the name is program. As with the classical massage it concerns here to loosen spanning particularly in the back range. In this case, this is done with a combination of heat and gentle pressure. The masseur will first heat up some stones. Then he will place them on your back. They are placed exactly along the spine. This allows them to work their magic from the inside out. You will lie relaxed on your stomach during the entire procedure. The masseur will touch you very little, because the main part of the work is done by the hot stones.

4. Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage was developed by the Japanese by adopting an ancient technique of the Chinese. As usual in traditional Chinese medicine, masseurs consider the body as a system of different meridians. Depending on what ailment is present, a different meridian is worked on. Strong pressure is used in the process. The masseur works with his entire body weight. However, he will always use it in a way that does not cause any pain. Traditional teaching is also about transferring body energy. To achieve this effect, the person being massaged must also have a certain openness. But the pressure alone will release tension.

5. Dorn-Breuss Massage

The Dorn-Breuss massage was invented by a farmer at the beginning of the 20th century. He assumed that most complaints are due to a blatant lack of movement. He also believed that the majority of people suffer from a tilted pelvis and displaced vertebrae. The obliquity should be corrected by the masseur pulling lightly on the legs. The patient must cooperate and move according to the masseur’s instructions. The displaced vertebrae should be brought back to their original position by applying light pressure. In addition to back problems, this massage is also intended to alleviate diseases of the lungs, such as bronchitis.

6. Singing bowl massage

Singing bowl massage is an ancient technique from the Far East. Its effect comes mainly from the deep relaxation that the patient experiences. He lies down relaxed on the stomach or back. The masseur places a small brass bowl, the singing bowl, either on or close to the patient’s body. With a mallet, he very gently strikes the rim of the bowl. This causes the brass walls to vibrate. These vibrations are transmitted to the patient’s body. As a result, the patient achieves a very deep relaxation. This massage can also be performed in groups. It is not necessary to undress for this purpose.

7. Lomi lomi nui massage

The Lomi Lomi Nui massage came from the far Hawaii to us to Europe. The technique is more of a holistic healing technique than a massage. Nevertheless, the body is kneaded properly. The masseur uses not only his hands, but also his elbows. In flowing movements, he works on the patient’s body, releasing tension. The treatment begins classically on the back. After a while, however, the masseur also switches to the front half of the body. With the same flowing movements, he will also work on the abdomen, among other areas. Pure coconut oil is traditionally used in this ceremony.

8. Lulur massage

Lulur massage is a ceremony that in ancient times only the kings of Bali experienced. Today, more and more western wellness temples offer it. The massage consists of two parts. First, the entire body of the patient is treated with a high-quality warm oil. This massage relieves tension and stimulates blood circulation. Then the masseur mixes a fragrant paste, its base is pure rice flour. It is first applied to the entire body, where it dries. Once this is done, the masseur carefully rubs the paste with his hands. In the process – similar to a peeling – dead skin scales are removed.

9. Tuina massage

Tuina massage is a technique from traditional Chinese medicine. The masseur combines different pushing, rubbing and pulling techniques. Special grips and rollers are also used. Before the treatment, the masseur will talk to the patient in detail about his complaints. Then he will customize his massage. In this theory, the body is divided into energetic circles and the affected person is always treated. At the beginning, the Tuina massage can be felt as slightly painful. This pain comes from the muscles beginning to relax. By the second treatment, the patient already finds the procedure extremely pleasant.

10. Ayurvedic massage

An Ayurvedic massage involves the whole body, regardless of where exactly there are complaints. The masseur uses a fragrant, heated oil for this treatment. It is supposed to positively influence the energy balance of the patient. The massage is intended to relieve the patient’s psyche as well as tension. To achieve this, the masseur gently kneads the entire body of his patient. The oil has a positive side effect: the skin becomes smooth and soft. In addition, the gentle grips increase lymphatic flow. This helps the body to eliminate toxins. After such a massage, the patient must rest.

11. Pantai luar

Pantai Luar – behind this sonorous name there is an ancient technique from East Asia. In this case, the masseur works on the body of his patient with a hot cloth stamp filled with herbs. First, however, the body is massaged with an oil that is also heated. Then the masseur taps the body briefly with the very hot stamps. At first, the material is still very hot and the movements are performed at lightning speed. Over time, the material cools and the masseur works more slowly and intensively. The procedure is intended to relieve tension in the body. At the end, the patient goes to a rest area to relax.

Tip of the editors

We have now presented the most common massages used in Germany. Was there already the right one for you? If you are still not sure, choose two or three techniques. Try what do you good.


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