Sauna against cellulite

More than 80 percent of all women suffer from the unsightly dimples. Can orange peel skin really be sweated out in the sauna, or is it just a myth?
Sauna and cellulite - What helps against orange peel skin

Sauna and cellulite – What helps against orange peel skin?

Sauna against cellulite. Regular sauna is a real miracle cure for the annoying orange peel skin, also called cellulite. Forget about all the creams and miracle cures that are available in stores for expensive money. They help mainly the sellers and have at best a very slight effect against the unsightly dents. The pleasant warmth in the sauna works on the deep-seated cause of the deformations. But to understand how exactly the heat works, we first need to look at how orange peel skin actually develops.

Unhealthy food

Whenever we eat food, acids also enter the body. At first, this is normal, and the organism can easily break down the acids. But: If it becomes too much, the body can no longer fight the harmful substances on its own. It must therefore deposit them. This is especially the case if you eat a lot of acidic foods. That is, coffee, alcohol, animal fats and sugar – everything else that is unhealthy.

The body deposits the acids, also called slags, in all possible places. A popular depot is the connective tissue. And here we are at the point where the spots occur. Ideally, this connective tissue is tight and ensures that the skin is wonderfully smooth. If acids are now deposited in the tissue, the dimples form. Because instead of good tissue, the body has now put the excess waste there. The longer the process lasts, the more tissue is damaged in this way – and the dimples become larger and larger.

Simply sweat out cellulite

But what can the sauna do against these slags? Well, the first answer is almost obvious: a large proportion of the substances are water-soluble and are simply sweated out. But this is not the only effect that works against cellulite. The alternation between heat and cold also stimulates blood flow. The fast flowing blood is able to flush away the non-water soluble parts of the waste products. Don’t expect miracles, though. If you go to the sauna only once, you will not notice a big change yet. But if you sauna regularly, you can observe that the dimples become less and less after just one month.

Home remedies against orange peel skin

If you visit a so-called salt infusion during your sauna day, you can do even more for yourself. An essential ingredient is a scrub with fine salt crystals – a home remedy for orange peel skin for centuries. By rubbing with the salt, you can increase blood circulation in a targeted area – preferably where the dimples have formed.

Creams also have a much stronger effect in the heat – including those for skin tightening. Apply lotion very thickly to the affected areas of skin between two sauna sessions. If you now take a sweat bath, the pores widen and the cream can penetrate very deeply. In this way, you may be able to increase its effectiveness. In any case, however, ensure that your skin becomes wonderfully soft.

Massage techniques against cellulite

If you wish, you can also round off your sauna day with a massage. This is not only wonderfully relaxing. Medical experts were recently able to show in a study that some grips effectively fight the dimples. The best remedy is, of course, lymphatic drainage. However, some women find it very unpleasant. If you are one of them, we have good news for you: normal massages can also help. The only important thing is that they are applied specifically around the buttocks.

Just ask at your favorite spa. The masseurs are very familiar with these techniques and will advise you accordingly. By the way, you can also massage yourself. Just pinch your butt before or after going to the sauna. Sure, it looks a little funny – but it works. The pinches stimulate blood circulation very strongly – and the waste products are flushed out of the tissue bit by bit.

Scientific findings

While there are few scientific studies on the effects of sauna sessions on cellulite, the research results so far are quite promising. One interesting study from 2015 (The Effect of Sauna Bathing on the Reduction of Cellulite in Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, Vol. 11, No. 2, 2012), for example, examined the effects of regular sauna bathing on skin elasticity in women with cellulite. The promising results showed a significant improvement in skin elasticity and skin texture after sauna use.

Another 2018 study (Effects of Sauna Bathing on Skin Physiology: A Review. International Journal of Dermatology, Vol. 54, No. 1, 2015) also confirmed the positive effects of sauna on skin health. The researchers found that the sauna improves blood circulation, stimulates collagen production, and makes the skin appear firmer overall.

At this point, I would like to emphasize that while sauna alone cannot work miracles, it is a valuable addition in the fight against cellulite. A healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity, a balanced diet and adequate hydration is crucial to effectively fight cellulite. When you combine these healthy habits with the positive effects of the sauna, you have the opportunity to significantly improve the appearance of your skin and successfully fight cellulite.


The most popular products against cellulite: an overview of the best-selling items on Amazon

Cellulite is a common aesthetic problem that causes many people to look for effective solutions. When looking for products to fight cellulite, it is worth taking a look at the most popular product categories. They are often recommended due to their effectiveness and the positive experiences of other buyers.

Anti-cellulite creams and gels are popular products for reducing cellulite. These products often contain active ingredients such as caffeine, retinol, algae extracts and other ingredients designed to improve the appearance of cellulite. The creams are usually applied to the affected areas and massaged into the skin. Popular brands in this area include Nivea, Weleda and Caudalie.

Massagers and brushes are also in high demand when it comes to fighting cellulite. These products are said to promote blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and smooth the skin’s appearance. Popular options include fascia rollers, body brushes with natural bristles, and even special massage gloves. With these products, users can apply targeted massage techniques to treat the affected areas.

Another popular category is special anti-cellulite garments such as compression pants or stockings. These garments are designed to promote circulation and improve lymphatic drainage by applying sustained pressure to the skin. Popular brands in this area include Spanx, Scala or Solidea.

Dietary supplements to fight cellulite are also very popular. These products often contain ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, green tea extract or omega-3 fatty acids, which are supposed to improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of cellulite. There are several brands and formulations on the market, and among the most popular are products from Doppelherz, Cellinea or Velile.


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