What is cellulite?

Can a massager help against cellulite?

Cellulite is something every woman would like to do without. Those pesky dimples and bumps adorn buttocks, abdomen and thighs. And that’s regardless of how old you are or how much weight you weigh on the scales. Because the so-called orange peel skin can affect any woman who has a weakened connective tissue. Can a massager against cellulite help here?

Is the radiation from infrared cabins dangerous?

Infrared cabins and their possible influence on cancer risks

Infrared cabins are often touted as a way to relax and improve health. They use infrared radiation to warm the body from the inside, which can lead to improved circulation and a sense of well-being. However, there are concerns about the safety of infrared cabins, especially with regard to the risk of cancer. In this article, we will take a closer look at these concerns and see if they are justified.

Cellulite and how to fight it

Natural and simple skin care with sea salt scrub

About 90% of all women worldwide suffer from cellulite. And many probably wonder several times in life how to get rid of unsightly orange peel skin. We have a simple but effective recipe for success. Against cellulite helps a sea salt scrub. Also we tell you how to make a scrub yourself.

Tips for proper eating and drinking after the sauna

Eating and drinking after sauna

In order for the sauna session to be properly relaxing and healthy, you should also pay attention to the diet. Because as beneficial as sweating is, it does demand a lot from our bodies. And he needs these nutrients again – during and especially after the sauna session.

So dents have no chance!

Sea salt peeling against cellulite

Worldwide, about 90% of all women suffer from cellulite. Many of them probably wonder several times in life how to get rid of unsightly orange peel skin. For this we have a simple but effective recipe. A sea salt peeling helps against cellulite. We tell you why and how you can do the peeling yourself.