Eating and drinking after sauna

In order for the sauna session to be properly relaxing and healthy, you should also pay attention to the diet. Because as beneficial as sweating is, it does demand a lot from our bodies. And he needs these nutrients again – during and especially after the sauna session.
Tips for proper eating and drinking after the sauna

Tips for proper eating and drinking after the sauna

First and foremost is drinking. The reason is obvious: in the sauna, the body loses a lot of fluid – and it needs to be replenished. If the body dries out during a long sauna day, the positive effect is reversed. The result can be headaches, fatigue and difficulties with the circulation.

Therefore, the motto is: drink, drink and drink again. After each sauna session, it should be about a glass full of liquid. However, the drinks should not contain sugar. Even juices contain sugar and are therefore taboo. Even if no sugar has been added to them, they contain fructose. It is best to drink unsweetened, lukewarm tea. The body can process the slightly warm liquid best.

If no tea is available, you can also drink water. But preferably without carbonic acid. You should also drink enough after the sauna day. Make yourself comfortable on the sofa with your favorite tea – this is the best way to get the most out of your sauna day.

Muscles and connective tissue need fluids now

Drinking will not only replenish your body’s fluid reserves. Muscles and connective tissue also benefit. If you supply your body with sufficient fluids during and after a sauna session, you effectively prevent cellulite and flabby skin. Sweating also draws fluid from the connective tissue. If we do not replenish the reserves, there is a risk that the tissue will sag.

Laying the foundations for a sauna session

On a sauna day, however, it’s not just drinking that’s important – we also need to eat. By sweating, our body burns energy. And even if that is quite desirable in a diet, you need to take some nutrients. Preferably, even before you go to the sauna. Because in the heat, the heart works at full speed and must properly pump blood through the veins.

If you go into the sweat room with an empty stomach, you risk dizzy spells and headaches. But please don’t stop at the nearest fast-food joint. The heavy burgers and greasy fries would put too much stress on the digestive system. Better eat a light salad or a good soup. This creates the right foundation for a relaxing sauna day.

Fruit as a little refreshment

You can also snack during your visit to the sauna. Here it may be also calmly food with a small sugar portion. After all, the body works hard when sweating and burns the excess calories. Who would like to do itself something correctly good, takes fruit with into the sauna facility. This is not only delicious, but also provides the body with moisture at the same time.

After a sauna session, most of us feel hungry. This is a sign that the body has made a positive effort in the past hours. That is why you should eat something. But again, please do not eat heavy food. It would stress the digestive system too much. But a good soup is also delicious and fills you up. Or how about a delicious fish? Whatever tastes good is allowed.


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