What does sauna have to do with magic?

Magic stands for a secret art that achieves a result with the help of "supernatural" powers. However, this is an abstract expression. Philosophers, on the other hand, associate magic with religion, mythology and esotericism.
Enjoy magical moments

Enjoy magical moments

Magicians who perform tricks on stage pursue one goal: they intend to trigger feelings of admiration in their audience. Furthermore, they want the audience to wonder how the particular magic trick was performed. Behind magic are thus also fascination as well as a specific knowledge about, which not everyone has.

Numerous people also appear magical in the eyes of their fellow human beings because they have certain abilities. A good cook who creates a delicious dish in a restaurant receives the compliment of having “conjured up” a delicious meal.

However, from this example it is clear that behind magic there is perseverance, ambition, several years of practice and a lot of experience. Thus, the feelings that arise thanks to magic require a longer and more intense investment of time. Star chefs have invested several years, if not decades of their lives to “enchant” their guests with their creations.

Experiencing positive sensations

The synapses in the brain can also be positively influenced by other methods. Regular visits to massage parlors or sauna sessions also evoke the feeling of magic in visitors.

The connection between sauna and magic

Sauna houses have a magical and unique effect as soon as they are entered. Visitors are transported into another world. This is not only due to the pleasant warmth, but also to the subdued light and the mild fragrance. This trio represents feelings that affect visitors from the outside. This creates emotions that have their origin inside the guests. However, they receive the impetus from the outside.

The magic of warmth

Joy and fear are well-known emotions that arise from feelings processed by the brain. For the emergence of an emotion preceded the arousal of a positive feeling. The heat cabin stimulates the human brain in many ways. Already during the sauna guests benefit from mental and physical relaxation. They come to rest. In today’s fast-paced and stimulus-flooded world, this aspect represents a luxury. After their first sauna session, visitors speak of a feeling of happiness. They feel better – emotionally and physically. That is why the term “magic” can also be applied to the heat cabin. It generates positive feelings in users, analogous to a delicious meal.

Sweating for well-being

Magic usually causes emotions that change the everyday mental state of a person. Sauna stands for this effect. Because visitors, who visit the wellness oasis over several weeks, months or years, feel physically and mentally better. However, they should visit the heat cabin for a longer period of time in order to benefit from the magical effect. This is the condition for the emergence of positive emotions. A single visit to the sauna is therefore by no means sufficient. Finally, the same applies to a change in diet. The renunciation of too many carbohydrates, sugars or fats becomes noticeable only after a certain period of time. The same applies to taking a sauna.

Sauna as a healing and beneficial place

Another aspect of why the heat cabin can be called a magical place is its health-promoting effect. In addition, it has the ability to alleviate health complaints. It acts as a detoxification place for the human organism. Thanks to the heat, the body transports toxins out through the pores of the skin, thereby eliminating them. This type of detox cure has an almost magical effect, as it is painless and beneficial at the same time.

The magical effects of a sauna

Sauna has a magical effect on the epidermis because it moisturizes it during the sauna. Skin blemishes, acne, blackheads or pimples are less noticeable after a sauna visit. This is due to the increased temperature, which opens the pores. As a result, the excess sebum from the clogged pores flows off more easily. In the same way, patients suffering from eczema also experience an improvement. After all, skin diseases are inflammations, which can be alleviated or even cured with appropriate methods. The sauna not only affects the largest sensory organ of man from the outside, but also from the inside. Because it improves blood circulation. The result is a more beautiful complexion. This in turn has a positive effect on the inner spirit. After all, those affected suffer mentally from their skin problems. As the heat cabin provides relief, it thus triggers feelings of happiness. Patients feel better in their skin and radiate this to the outside world.

Feelings of happiness arise in the sauna

The production of the happiness hormone serotonin increases after just one visit to the sauna. The more regularly wellness devotees visit the oasis of well-being, the more they develop a positive mindset. The sooner feelings of happiness dominate a person’s everyday life, the more optimistic and stronger their approach to all challenges.

Sauna strengthens the immune response

Regular sauna use strengthens the immune system. Long-time sauna devotees fall victim to infectious diseases less often. And those who enjoy the best of health live out predominantly positive emotions, such as joy. Thus, saunas act as magical warmth cabins in the eyes of the beholder. After all, they have the ability to promote feelings of happiness, boost the immune system or make the outer appearance glow.


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