The right skin care after the sauna

Sauna-goers provide their skin with an extra portion of moisture while taking a sauna. However, numerous wellness devotees ask themselves how they should care for their skin after an extensive sauna bath.
The wellness program for the skin

The wellness program for the skin

The right skin care after the sauna. There is no universal answer to this question. This is due to the different skin types. People who suffer from dry skin need a different kind of care than those whose skin tends to blemishes on the face and back.

Why do heat cabins care for the skin?

The heat cabin has a positive effect on the metabolic processes of the skin in many ways. Sauna visitors also regulate the moisture balance of their skin thanks to the temperatures and humidity in the air. However, the heat, which is the largest sensory organ, can also unbalance the skin. This is especially true for oily, dry and sensitive skin. Such skin types experience strong feelings of tension after the process of sauna. For this reason, those affected properly cream their skin after each sauna visit.

The right skin care after a sauna visit

Among the skin care products that sauna visitors by no means use after a visit to the spa are fruit acid serums. These usually remove the upper layer of the skin. After a sauna visit, such a product would be counterproductive. Rich creams, facial oils or serums that moisturize the skin, on the other hand, are allowed. They provide optimal support for the skin. The beauty effect becomes visible in the form of a glow. Another advantage is that the products penetrate better into the skin layers thanks to the opened pores. There they unfold their optimal effect. An extra portion of care has a positive effect on the skin.

Can dry skin types also visit a sauna?

Numerous prejudices circulate with regard to the combination of sauna and dry skin. A large majority mistakenly believes that the heat cabin is harmful to this skin type. However, the opposite is true. Visiting a sauna acts as a true care miracle for dry skin. This sweats in contrast to an oily or normal skin significantly less. It also produces less sebum. Nevertheless, dry skin also enjoys optimal blood circulation during saunas. The sauna visit acts as a skin workout. The skin begins to sweat intensively.

Caressingly soft skin thanks to heat cabin

Optimal care products in the form of oils, serums and rich creams also allow dry skin types to enjoy a carefree sauna visit. This becomes even softer and more delicate after a stay in the wellness cabin. That is why beauty devotees enjoy regular visits to the heat cabin. After all, this not only provides the facial skin, but also the entire body with a good portion of moisture. For oily skin types, on the other hand, a visit to the sauna ensures that sebum production is regulated. Skin problems such as shiny noses or acne are reduced thanks to the heat.


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