How does the heat of the sauna affect the appearance of the skin?

Can saunas cause acne?

Sauna sessions can open the pores of the skin, allowing it to breathe more easily, which has a positive effect on the skin. However, clogged pores can lead to skin blemishes. Sweating in the sauna cleanses the skin and can improve the complexion. To make the best use of the sauna for skin care and avoid the risk of acne outbreaks, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

What types of saunas are suitable for sweating away skin impurities?

Simply sweat away acne and pimples

Generally, going to the sauna is not a problem if you have acne – on the contrary. It stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. Apart from a towel to lie down on, you should have another towel with you to wipe off the sweat – a small towel will do here.