Simply sweat away acne and pimples

Generally, going to the sauna is not a problem if you have acne - on the contrary. It stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. Apart from a towel to lie down on, you should have another towel with you to wipe off the sweat - a small towel will do here.
What types of saunas are suitable for sweating away skin impurities?

How does sauna effect blemished skin and acne?

Many people suffer from pimples, acne and blemished skin. It is not uncommon for these complaints to occur in adolescence due to hormonal changes. This is also quite normal. But if the complaints are still present in adulthood and simply do not subside, another cause may be behind it. There are various measures that can help against pimples and blackheads. For example, they can be sweated out.

Steam bath and sauna for acne

Sauna sessions and steam baths can have a positive effect on the appearance of facial skin, help the body purify and improve blood circulation. This is because the heat and various water applications loosen old and already dead cells on the surface of the skin. In addition, the pores open up, regulating sebum production and allowing excess sebum to drain away. The improved blood circulation can produce a cleansing effect and stimulate the skin’s metabolism.

If the face is slightly red immediately after taking a sauna, this is quite normal. Because this only shows that it is just getting better blood circulation. After a few minutes, however, it should calm down again.

Effective types of sauna to effectively combat skin impurities

The classic sauna

The classic variant is best suited for stimulating circulation and thus improving the skin’s appearance. As a rule, high temperatures are used here, with comparatively low humidity.

The steam bath

In the steam bath, the humidity is extremely high (up to 100 percent), with a comparatively low temperature of no more than 45 degrees Celsius. Those who suffer from acne can use a small version of the steam bath, also called a facial sauna.

The infrared heat cabin

The infrared heat cabin is suitable for people who do not tolerate the heat in a normal sauna well or are looking for a space-saving and particularly energy-efficient alternative for their home. The infrared heat cabin can also be used to fight pimples and acne.

Treating acne with heat – what to consider?

As mentioned above, the steam bath is perfect for sauna beginners because of the much lower temperatures. One session should not last longer than 20 minutes. This is followed by a break of 30 minutes. A total of three passes can be completed in one session. However, it is important to always remember to take breaks as well. During a session, different home remedies can be used to further enhance the effect. Chamomile, Manuka oil and tea tree oil are some products that provide the skin surface with many important nutrients.

This makes them ideal for treating various problem areas. Chamomile is a versatile medicinal plant. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and can soothe irritated skin areas. A nourishing facial sauna with Manuka oil ensures that the pores open up, existing impurities are alleviated and also prevents new pimples from developing. Tea tree oil, on the other hand, has a disinfecting effect and can support the healing process.

Tips for the sauna session

1. Do not touch your face with your fingers

When taking a sauna, never run your hands through your face with unwashed, dirty or sweaty hands. Also, do not scratch pimples during this time. This could cause bacteria and other pathogens to get onto the skin of the face, which could lead to inflammation.

2. Cold shower after the sauna

After each sauna session, we should take a cold shower. Because this will close the pores opened by the heat again. So no pathogens, such as dust, mites, or bacteria can enter them.

3. Use a separate towel

If you go to the sauna, you should always take two towels with you. Because the face must never be dried with the same copy, with which also the body is dried. Otherwise, there is a risk of spreading bacteria and causing new skin impurities. 4.

4. Do not use detergents

Many people apply special cleansers with particularly high fat content after taking a sauna. However, this is not necessary at all. Because after a sauna session, the skin on the face is as clean as very rarely. In addition, cleaning again with a cleansing gel can destroy the natural protective layer and thus possibly aggravate the symptoms.

5. Do not give up immediately

It has already been briefly mentioned above that the discomfort may initially be somewhat intensified by the heat. Nevertheless, one should not give up immediately. Because by regular sauna visits we can eliminate acne permanently and support the natural function of the skin ideally. Patience is required for this.

6. Drink enough

Since we lose a lot of fluid and many valuable minerals in the sauna through sweating, this loss should be compensated for as quickly as possible. However, it is best not to take in any liquid during a session. Because this would disturb the process of purification. Therefore, we should only drink something again after the last session. Mineral water, various fruit spritzers and various isotonic drinks are suitable for this purpose. The latter can compensate for salt loss and provide the body with many valuable minerals.

Conclusion of the editorship

Regular saunas can have numerous positive effects on the body. Among other things, we can thereby alleviate various skin impurities and sometimes even fight them completely. Over time, many toxins accumulate in the body. By sweating in the sauna, these are removed. This allows us to purify and cleanse our body. The heat also stimulates the metabolism and relieves muscle tension. So there are many good reasons for regularly visiting a wellness center.


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