What is a sauna vaporizer bowl and how is it used?

With the sauna evaporator bowl, you can take your sauna experience to a whole new level. Whether you add aromatics such as eucalyptus oil or simply vaporize pure water, the bowl helps improve the atmosphere in the sauna and soothe your body and mind.
Customization options for a unique sauna experience
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Customization options for a unique sauna experience

Sauna vaporizer bowls are a great addition to your sauna session and give it a very individual touch. They are customizable and can be filled with many additives, such as flavored water, organic infusions, menthol crystals or salt crystals.

The perfect accessories for an individual and pleasant sauna experience

Vaporizer trays are an important accessory for any sauna and offer many ways to enhance and individualize the sauna experience. They are easy to use and can be filled with many additives to achieve the desired scent in each case.

An evaporator bowl fills the room with a pleasant scent by slowly evaporating water. This releases the scent gently rather than abruptly, allowing the aroma to be fully appreciated. This is especially important if you want to enjoy the scent during your sauna session, rather than being overwhelmed by a sudden strong sauna infusion.

Vaporizer trays are also a great option to customize your sauna experience. You can use different additives to change the scent and customize it to your personal preferences. For example, add menthol crystals (available on Amazon) to create a refreshing scent, or use flavored water to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Salt crystals in the sauna: health benefits and enhancing the sauna experience

Salt is truly an all-rounder, used for thousands of years in a variety of forms to treat skin and respiratory ailments. The use of salty air can be anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and preventive for chronic bronchitis and sinusitis.

Salt crystals are also rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, which are important for the human body and can support health.

Gentle use of salt is free of side effects and can serve as an optimal treatment support for colds and stuffy noses. Dermatologists treat skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, acne or psoriasis with salt, among others, as its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects can help improve diseased areas of the skin.

In health and wellness facilities, brine applications are used in a supportive manner to revitalize symptoms of fatigue and to treat cardiovascular and vascular diseases. The use of salt in the sauna, especially in the form of salt crystals (at Amazon) in the evaporator bowl, can also contribute to the health benefits.

Using salt crystals in the vaporizer bowl is simple. Simply fill the bowl with water and add the desired amount of salt crystals. As the water slowly evaporates, the salt crystals are gently released into the sauna.

Combine salt with medicinal herbs

The healing effects of the sauna are enhanced when salt is used in conjunction with medicinal herbs. With a handful of dried herbs and an evaporator bowl, you can create an enticing scent in no time. Place fragrant herbs or scented pillows on the salt stones, and the sauna becomes an oasis of relaxation.

The steam binds the active ingredients of the herbs and releases them so that they can unfold their beneficial effects. The beneficial effects of salt in combination with medicinal plants can be perceived as very pleasant.

Chamomile, lavender, rose petals and orange slices are just some of the plants that can be used in a sauna. Uniquely scented pillows are another option.

At a glance: Customization options with sauna evaporator bowls

Vaporizer trays offer a variety of benefits and open up a wide range of customization options for a unique sauna experience.

  • Aromatherapy: The use of flavored water in the vaporizer bowls allows you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can add different essential oils to create a relaxing, invigorating or even calming effect. Popular aromas include eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, mint or orange. Inhaling these scents while in the sauna can help relieve stress, elevate mood and promote relaxation.
  • Natural infusions: In addition to flavored water, you can also use natural infusions in the evaporator bowls. Organic infusions with herbs, flowers, or fruits offer a wide range of flavors and benefits. For example, you can use fresh mint leaves, lemon balm, chamomile, rosemary or orange peel to create a custom infusion. These natural ingredients not only add a pleasant scent to your sauna session, but can also have various healing properties, such as anti-inflammatory, soothing, or invigorating.
  • Menthol crystals: menthol crystals are another popular option for vaporizer trays. Inhaling menthol vapor opens the airways, promotes circulation, and has a cooling and refreshing effect. This is especially pleasant if you have a stuffy nose, sinus problems, or are simply looking for a refreshing sauna experience.
  • Salt Crystals: Salt crystals can also be used in the vaporizing pools to create a unique sauna experience. Vaporizing salt water in the sauna helps to clear the respiratory system, invigorate the skin and is relaxing. Himalayan salt or sea salt in particular are popular options for this application.

Using vaporizer balls in the sauna opens up a world of customization possibilities. You can choose the ingredients and scents according to your personal preferences and create the atmosphere of your sauna session just the way you want it. By adding individual scents and natural ingredients, you can take your sauna session to a new level and enjoy a unique and individual wellness experience.

Our conclusion

In summary, evaporator bowls for sauna offer a great way to individualize and enhance your sauna experience. They allow you to fill the room with a pleasant scent by slowly evaporating water. Salt crystals are another option that can not only enhance the sauna experience, but also provide health benefits. The health benefits of these combinations can benefit your body and soul, helping you to relax and feel completely at ease.


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